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Internal freedom, responsibility, family loyalty and love Tuve Jansson


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The «AST» publishing house produced an illustrated biography of Tove Jansson.

Tuve Jansson knew the recipe for happiness. Live in pleasure, listen to the rain on the roof, look at the water, lying on the bridge. To enjoy what you do and love, who you want. And do not waste precious time and do not stay in an unpleasant place for yourself. Devotion to the family, responsibility and love for freedom became the beacon that allowed to choose an unmistakable course among the life reefs. One of them was a school with its rigid frames, a government-run and heat-deprived atmosphere. Members of the family Jansson used to support each other in all endeavors. The mockery of the classmates and the severity of the teachers on this background seemed particularly unbearable. «To give a big dream, it takes space and silence.» Tuva did not allow Broberg School to destroy its inner world and left it without regret at the age of 15.

She preferred to improve talents given by nature in Stockholm’s Konstfack College, the graphic department of the Finnish Academy of Arts Kuvataideakatemia, art schools in France. For the daughter of the artist and sculptor, who was engaged in drawing from an early age, it was a natural choice. Literary creativity and painting gave her the possibility of self-expression. «I own everything I see, what I’m thinking about.»

Internal freedom allowed her to protect her from interference by strangers and her private life. Relations with Tuulikki Pietila (Tuulikki Pietila), which lasted almost half a century, gave her a feeling of fullness of life and happiness, which everyone needs. The incredible popularity of her books, the huge dividends that they brought, did not change her habits or attitude towards people. The main thing for her was finding a house in which love lives. A rocky island Klovaharun (Klovaharun), where they came from Tuulikki every summer for more than thirty years, became a kind of fortress, protecting them from evil eyes. Readers, she gave a fairy world, in which you can hide from sad thoughts and bad news. Tuva gave the inhabitants of Mumi-dola the features of people close to her, kind, sympathetic, touching and funny.

Writer, historian Tuula Karjalainen (Tuula Karjalainen) worked on the book about Tuve Jansson «Work and Love» (Tee tyota ja rakasta) for three years. In Finnish it was released in 2013. Now the richly illustrated edition is also available in Russian.


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