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Poetic anthologies, a two-volume Genius and an adventure novel about Lenin among the winners of the ’Big Book’


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MOSCOW. In «Helikon-Opera» the names of the winners of the contest «Book of the Year» were announced.

The choice of the winner of the «Book of the Year» was predictable from the very beginning. «Anthology of modern poetry of the peoples of Russia» - a large canvas, in the creation of which several hundred people participated. The authors of the multilingual collection are 229 poets of different nationalities from different regions of the Russian Federation. All the poems are published in Russian, here you can get acquainted with the original version. The responsible editor of the anthology Maxim Amelin received a prize from the jewelry house «Ananov» - a precious egg with a miniature book. In the near future - the publication of a similar «children’s» collection.

In the category «Poetry,» preference was given to another anthology - «100 poems about Moscow.» It included the works of Mandelstam and Vyazemsky, Okudzhava and Bryusov, Tvardovsky and Khodasevich, dedicated to the capital. Translations into English are made by native speakers.

The best art book was the catalog «Soviet Renaissance. Painting, Graphics, Sculpture 1960-2000 «, published by the private museum of Anatoly Zverev. It includes works by nonconformist artists from the collection collected by the museum’s director Natalia Opalova. The bright representatives of the second Russian avant-garde, which are devoted to the comments of art critic Sergei Solovyov and the essay of writer Vladimir Aleinikov, were Sidur, Nemukhin, Yakovlev, Krasnopevtsev, Zverev, Nemukhin, Vechtomov. A wonderfully illustrated publication that allows you to better know about one of the most dramatic periods in the history of modern Russian art.

Special mention and diploma was given to the two-volume edition of Ekaterina Genieva, general director of the All-Russian Library of Foreign Literature in the period from 1993 to 2015. Doctor of Philology, specialist in English prose of the XIX-XX centuries, a man of unique spiritual qualities did everything to create a unique atmosphere in «Foreign» communication. Access to closed funds, familiarity with the latest foreign literature, exhibitions, lectures, the opening of cultural centers in 15 countries, the institution of tolerance, and the strengthening of cultural ties with other countries are just a small part of what has been done by this remarkable woman. The two-volume edition includes her works devoted to Russian, English and Irish literature, chapters from her dissertation, memoirs and lectures.

In the nomination «Prose» the book of Lev Danilkin «Lenin. Pantocrator of solar dust. « Biography of the leader of the world proletariat, and at the same time, Nadezhda Krupskaya, without molasses and demonization. From childhood to the drama of recent years, a scrupulous analysis of the multi-volume heritage, unexpected discoveries and parallels. Psychological detective, adventure novel, comedy of morals, historical epic, debunking of myths. The statue of the commander, descended from a dusty pedestal and acquired the features of a living person.


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