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An excellent book about the Russian avant-garde for children already exists. The Case for Publishers


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MOSCOW. The diploma work of the graduate of the State University of Press turned out to be a potential bestseller.

Simplicity, according to Leonardo da Vinci, is the last effort of genius. For a conversation on the most difficult topic it is enough to find the right words, connect fantasy and know about the features of the perception of your interlocutor. In order to not shy away from modern painting at a conscious age, it is useful to learn about it more in childhood. The feet of eternally busy parents do not always reach the picture gallery with intelligent guides, and not every village has these foci of culture. But the book with bright illustrations, moreover written in an accessible language, is capable of making a revolution in the children’s consciousness, having planted the seed of the reasonable and eternal. It’s enough just to buy and read it from cover to cover.

A breakthrough in this direction can be the diploma work of Dunya Goncharova, a graduate of the KhTOPP faculty (artistic and technical design of printed materials) of the State University of Printing Arts (MGUP). Although the book about the Russian avant-garde, which in fact is a diploma, is intended for an audience of 8 to 12 years, the scope is conditional. It will provoke interest in advanced three-year-olds, and in curious adults.

In the future, the bestseller does not have a «sheet» overloaded with dates, events and names of the text. Everything is laconic, clear, colorful. The young reader will get an idea of the origin, evolution, history of the avant-garde, get acquainted with the basic concepts and features of this trend, the surnames of the founders and the brightest stars. Learn about the elements of this style in architecture, interior items, fashion, advertising, painting, theater. The fact that, according to Kandinsky, the sounds of the violin are painted in green, the drum roll is in red, and the gentle voice of the flute has a blue hue.

Interest in the work of a certified designer of printed products with a symbolic for the fans of the avant-garde, the name Goncharova is huge. It’s only a far-sighted publishing house, which will be able to appreciate a promising idea.


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