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The great heart of the best woman Frida Vigdorova


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MOSCOW. AST publishes the book The Right to Record with the journalism of Frida Vigdorova, the notes she made during the trial of Joseph Brodsky, notes from her journalistic notebooks.

Journalism leads different roads. Someone is driven by vanity, guided by the choice of topics with the slogan «money does not smell.» Someone converts literary abilities and the propensity for conformism to political dividends. Frida Vigdorova’s gift maximally exacerbated in her the ability to empathy, a sense of justice, indifference to someone else’s misfortune, intolerance of humiliation and persecution. She did not avoid the disgraced, fought for the good name of the defamers. For the «little man», stunned by life, whose needs were never a priority for the powerful, Vigdorova became sometimes the only hope. On the solution of urgent problems, on protection from lawlessness, for salvation.

The efforts of Frida Abramovna helped to get to the reader Dudintsev’s novel «Not by bread alone», Anatoly Rybakov’s story «Dirk», «Little Prince» by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Elena Wentzel (I. Grekova). Her perseverance allowed the publication on March 8, 1942, of Akhmatova’s «Courage» in Pravda. An event of great importance for the poet. The widow of Osip Mandelstam, Nadezhda Yakovlevna, contrary to the ban, was able to obtain a residence permit in the capital. Vigdorova refused to take part in the persecution of Boris Pasternak and rescued from prison his last love - Olga Ivinskaya. She fought for the reconsideration of cases and the release of others unjustly convicted.

The records made by Frida Abramovna during the trial of Joseph Brodsky and subsequently transferred to the West helped to draw the attention of the world public to the process and helped to free the future Nobel Prize laureate. An unprecedented act at the time. Like Danko, who took his heart out of his chest to light the way to salvation to other people, she did not hesitate to rush to the aid of the young poet. The stress experienced at that time, brought the sudden departure of «the best woman», as Kornei Ivanovich Chukovsky called Vigdorov.


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