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The acquisition of meaning, or a recipe for survival from Victor Frankl


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MOSCOW. In the publishing house «Alpina Non-fiction» there was a collection of articles and lectures by the creator of logotherapy, psychologist Viktor Frankl.

The absence of the meaning of life becomes that Achilles’ heel, from which neither a tight purse, nor unearthly beauty, nor steep connections save. Children’s claims to nedodavshim love (candy, toys, gadgets, the right to emphasize) parents are cherished to gray hair, growing into hysteria and neuroses. There are no barriers to the cowardly «not to live.» And the frivolous «Why not?» Becomes the first step in the trap of drug addiction or unmotivated aggression.

Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist Victor Frankl (Viktor Emil Frankl) for many years was studying the nature of suicides and depressive states. Studies that began during the studies at the University of Vienna continued during work in organizations that provided psychological support to students and women with suicidal tendencies. In this field, Frankl achieved truly brilliant results. The priceless experience gained there, multiplied by his own insights, led him to the creation of a method of existential psychoanalysis or logotherapy.

Finding the meaning, taking responsibility for your actions and thoughts is a chance for a bright, filled life, an antidote for addiction and despair, an inexhaustible reserve of survival in the most hopeless situation. The methodology of existential psychoanalysis, which proved its validity in practice, is an effective aid in the search for salutary meaning.

Logotherapy has withstood the severe test in Theresienstadt and Auschwitz. Once there, Frankl never lost confidence that survival was guaranteed. He did not lose faith in the best himself and helped to find it for others. Together with other medical prisoners, he organized psychological help for beginners, which enabled them to cope with mental trauma and gain strength, hope and meaning.

The book «Logotherapy and Existential Analysis: Articles and Lectures» by Victor Frankl, which includes the main works of an outstanding psychologist, was published in Russia for the first time. The fields of application of logotherapy are truly limitless: the struggle with addictions, complexes, neuroses, depression. It is of interest not only for professional soul doctors, but also for a wide range of readers.


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