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The origins of genius, or the history of a large family


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ST. PETERSBURG. The nephew of Joseph Brodsky presented a supplemented edition of his book about the poet’s family.

Everything starts from childhood. With close people, their words and actions, shaping the character, life principles, abilities. The origins of genius are often from the same source. The author of the book Joseph Brodsky and his family, Mikhail Kelmovich, the nephew of the poet, calls the warm and quivering atmosphere that reigned in the relations of the members of the large Volpert family (Maria Moiseevna, Joseph’s mother, her brother Boris, the sisters Rosa, Raisa, Dora, their family), The absolute starting point and the home birthplace of children born in it.

The desire to support each other in any situation, true, unethical intelligence, education and knowledge of languages, which had to be carefully concealed, in order to avoid repression and accusations of «wrong» origin, were the norm for this friendly family. Fertile soil for the «growth» of talent. Hence - internal freedom, the absence of slavish psychology, the strength to withstand the severe years. Such as the expulsion of the poet from the country and the impossibility of reuniting the parents with his son. The dreams of Maria Moiseyevna and Alexander Ivanovich about a meeting with him, even brief, did not come true. Older people who hoped for a miracle until the last hour, were held hostage to a ruthless system.

The book of the writer, psychologist, designer Mikhail Kelmovich, published by the publishing house «Abris», is a bizarre mosaic of memories of a poet, representatives of different generations of a large family, rare photographs and documents. It was first published in 2015. Two years later the author presented the second, supplemented edition

The choice of a place for the presentation of the book is not accidental. In the museum of Anna Akhmatova the archives of the poet’s family, his mother’s papers, photographs, notebooks are kept. In the American cabinet of Joseph Brodsky - personal belongings, handed over by his widow Maria Sozzani.


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