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The ’Big Book’ award staked on new names


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MOSCOW. A long list of the «Big Book» award was published.

The intrigue of one of the main literary awards of the country - «The Big Book» - will last until November 30. Which of the applicants will go to the finals, will be known on the last day of spring. The specificity of the long list published a few days ago is the neighborhood of the masters, regulars of the writers’ lists (Rubina, Pelevin, Genis, Sorokin, Danilkin, Volos) and the authors of the not so raspiarennye. The latter more than usual. The incompetent jury, for various reasons, did not find it possible to skip a number of well-known authors for the next round and give a head start to the neophytes. The geography of the works sent to the competition is impressive - Russia, America, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, China.

In a long list of books are presented, nominated and received awards in other literary competitions. Last year, the «Appendix» Alexandra Petrova won in the «Prose» category of the Andrei Bely Award and entered the short list of «NOS-2016». «F20» Anna Kozlova has a good chance of winning at the National Bank-2017, as well as the «Patriot» Andrei Rubanov, also nominated for both awards.

The genre palette of the works is impressive. Documentary prose of Anna Starobinets «Look at it», describing dramatic events from the author’s life. «Debtor» Andrew Volos «- a continuation of the tetralogy» Judgment Days. « Epic «Falconry» by Sergei Samsonov, vivid and ironic memoirs of Alexander Genis. The tragic story of Ksenia Dragunskaya «Kolokolnikov-Podkolokolny» about the fate of several classmates. An unexpected version of the Leniniana of Leo Danilkin, the story of the conspiratorial specialist in Russian classics «Manaraga» from Vladimir Sorokin, the epistolary story of Dina Rubina «Babi Veter».


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