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Finishing line of the ’National bestseller’


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MOSCOW. In the short list of the «National Bestseller» the jury included seven books.

The seventeenth season of the Nationalbest came to the finish line. June 3 in the Alexandrinsky Theater of the Northern Capital will sound the name of the new winner of the literary prize. In the short list there are 7 authors who pushed Pelevin on the way to the «pedestal» with the family saga «The lamp of Methuselah», Prilepin with the «Chronicle of the coming war», Lipskerov with the novel «On him and about the butterflies», Ivanov with the novel «Tobol».

A month and a half before the final verdict, one of the most likely candidates for the victory is called the writer Anna Kozlov. To the general public, she is known as the author of scenarios for the series of the First Channel: the extreme «Short Course of a Happy Family Life» by Valery Gai Germanika, «The Divorce» of Vera Storozheva and her piercing full-length tape «9 Days and One Morning.» Previous book Kozlova - sincere and merciless to the heroes «Everything you wanted, but were afraid to set fire» - came out six years ago. The diagnosis of «schizophrenia» condemns the heroes of the novel «F20» to unsuccessful attempts to integrate into the surrounding reality. They are given the role of original rogue people without any hope for coherent perspectives and worthy help. Surviving, the characters rely only on themselves.

«The lives of murdered artists» writer and actor Alexander Brener - a mosaic of «remembering» about talented people. Held and not very much, fans of shocking and recluses, talented but misunderstood artists and writers, geniuses and charlatans. «Homeland» Elena Dolgopyts - also one of the favorites of the current «National Baptist».

A collection of subtle, philosophical, nostalgic stories «Homeland» - a pleasant for many acquaintance with a talented author, long awaited recognition. In a short list came Andrei Rubanov’s novel «Patriot» about the worried crisis of the forty-year-old banker, and also the book «This country» by Ekaterina Chebotareva, who chose the unusual pseudonym of Figl Migl. «Tadpole and Saints» by Andrei Filimonov - a story about the knowledge of the soul, timelessness and dreamy life of the inhabitants of the village with the talking name «Roadless». The book The Shadow of Mazepa: The Ukrainian Nation in the Age of Gogol by Sergei Belyakov is an attempt to study the history of the people through the prism of the personality of Ivan Mazepa.


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