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Painful memory of the past. New book of the patriarch


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MOSCOW. In the publishing house «Tsentrpoligraf» a new book by Daniil Granin was published.

98 years is not the time to sum up. From the pen of Daniel Granin came another book - «She and everything else.» The probability of the appearance of the next one does not raise any doubts. Creative activity and a lively response to the complex realities of the present day cause admiration. The plot of a new novel by the patriarch, although the speech in it is about peacetime, brings the reader back to the events of the Great Patriotic War. Attitude to them becomes a marker of checking the feelings of the main characters for strength.

Impossibility to understand and accept, ominous shadows of the past, dissimilarity of mentality can destroy the cordial affection of people living at the same time, but in different dimensions. The logic of the plot unites the history of relations between the Soviet engineer and the German girl who was born as a result of rape, with the narrative of Hitler’s favorite Albert Speer (Albert Speer). Over the monograph on the personal architect of the Fuhrer, the Reichsminister of Armaments and military production, the main character works, scrupulously studying his biography, projects, memoirs (Erinnerungen). Speer kept notes in his diary for twenty years in prison for war criminals Spandau, where he was imprisoned on the verdict of the Nuremberg trial. Dissecting the life story of this extraordinary person, Granin follows Alexander Sergeevich back to the topic of incompatibility of genius and villainy.

To the work of the poet he turns again, citing the tenth chapter of «Eugene Onegin.» Pushkin stanzas about the sources of the victoria on the battlefields of 1812 sound like the foreseeing of the inevitability of a victory over fascism. It is enough to replace Barclay’s name with Zhukov, and the frenzy of the people, winter and Russian god do not leave any hope to the enemy in any war.

«She and everything else» is like a concentrated solution, in which much is mixed. A love story, painful memories of the war, repressions against high-ranking leaders in the framework of the «Leningrad case» and other painful moments of the difficult history of our country.


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