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Popularization of the History of Akunin. Affordable and exciting


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MOSCOW. Came the fourth volume of the series «History of the Russian State» by Boris Akunin.

The idea of a fictionalized presentation of historical facts Boris Akunin has long nurtured. In solidarity with the famous saying of Voltaire that all genres are good except the boring. Striving, like Karamzin, to tell about the history of Russian fun, affordable, unconventional, without white spots and default figures. The solution for this project to take time off from writing detective stories will allow to keep within the allotted for this purpose decade.

In the first three volumes Akunin told readers about the ancient Russia, the Mongol invasion, Orda period, the reign of Ivan III and Boris Godunov. Recently released fourth covers the time period, including the Time of Troubles, and during the reign of Peter I. Described facts and made on the basis of their findings allow for unexpected analogies and to trace the origins of the events of the day of this.

The highlight of the new project Akunin - complementary historical works a series of adventure novels. Their main characters - the representatives of different generations of the same family, whose life passes in front of the reader, century after century. For convenience, gadget fans - electronic versions of each volume.


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