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Books that prolong life. The action of the Literary Museum and the Faith Foundation


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MOSCOW. The collection of books for hospices is announced.

The criterion of the civilization of the society and the measures of its humanity is the attitude towards the elderly, children, women, and also compassion for the terminally ill. Severe ailments do not know leniency and hurt, regardless of age. Gets both big and small. On the threshold of the inevitable, everyone has the right to spend the last months or days of his life not in torment, despair and loneliness. Palliative medicine allows you to maximally alleviate physical and mental suffering, significantly improve the quality of life. The need for constant and sufficient support of this sphere is not realized by everyone, including those who are the first ones who depend on it. Someone does not think about the hardships of life, others deliberately abstract from thoughts about it. Many see the obstacle to the «creation of goods» in the limited financial resources, although assistance to hospices and palliative medical institutions can be provided without any investment. Volunteers are well aware of how it is possible and important to simply help in some small domestic issues, organize charity concerts, accompany them during a walk, when they leave for medical institutions. You can just share good books.

On February 14, the action «Give books with love» started. It is held on the initiative of the State Literary Museum and the Hospice Care Foundation «Vera», founded in 2006 by Vera Millionshchikova. Until February 19 in the House Museum of Chekhov and the Museum of the Silver Age with gratitude will receive publications worthy of preservation: fiction, coloring books, magazines. Literature of any genre is welcomed, except for religious and political. The realization that the joy of an unselfish gift for at least a minute extended the life of a child or an adult is the best reward for those who took part in the action.

Books donated with love are needed not only in the capital. Each city has its own hospices, nursing homes, orphanages, and hospitals. In order to bring joy, you do not always need a purse full of bills. Sometimes it’s enough to just share a book and smile at those who need it.


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