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Anniversary exhibition of the seaside artist Catherine Arkhipova in the gallery "Arka"


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VLADIVOSTOK. In the gallery "Arka", representing the work of contemporary artists, since November 21, an exhibition "Fortunes" was opened, dedicated to the anniversary of the talented artist from Nakhodka Catherine Arkhipova. The exhibition "State" united watercolors and still lifes, portraits and free compositions. Entered in the exhibition and a series of paintings, representing the genre of "nude."

All these works, performed in the last twenty years, are united by the special artistic manner of the established master. The organizers of the exhibition note that the appearance of Catherine Arkhipova in the community of artists of Vladivostok and Nakhodka, which occurred in the mid-nineties, was quite loud.

The artist expressed herself with a special picturesque intonation, the coloristic solutions inherent only to her. In her works felt the influence of such masters as Cezanne, Matisse and Modigliani, however, no less distinct was the individuality and high level of skill.

Today’s works of Catherine Arkhipova still differ in individual style, emotional experiences. If in her early works the artist tried to prove that her works are the best, now she is focused on self-improvement.

The name of the exhibition fully corresponds to its content. On the soft watercolor you can clearly see the joy of the first snow, fully felt only in childhood. Painted with oil on canvas, still life pleases with the magnificence of ripe fruit. Works with naked nature are filled with warmth and peace.

The artist has a unique talent to convey their feelings and feelings to the audience, so they stay long for each picture. Interesting are the works of Catherine Arkhipova in the portrait genre.

The exhibition is open until December 15.


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