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"Theatrical extravaganza" from the Krasnodar artist Natalia Shvchenko expects guests in the "Tseikhhaus"


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ASTRAKHAN. Amazing and mysterious artist from Krasnodar Natalia Shevchenko for the second time in the Astrakhan Exhibition Center "Zeykhgauz" his work. Last year, Astrakhans met with three cycles of the artist, known under the pseudonym Nathan.

The works, born of her fantasy, entered the exposition in the form of series of paintings that received the names - "Anna Karenina", "Character Parade", "Bulls". This time in the three exhibition halls of "Tseikhhaus" there are works devoted to the most elegant art - ballet. In this art, the plastic art of ballet dancers is combined with the dynamics of their movements. The exposition, representing 90 paintings by the artist, was named "Theatrical extravaganza".

In each of his works Nathan uses fragments, isolated from the whole compositions of the stage production, in each of them emphasizing the plastic of the dancers, showing their movement in space. Before the audience appear works that are filled with ease and immediacy, characteristic of the artist in the embodiment of her artistic plans.

The author actively uses color, emphasizing the expressiveness of the actions of artists, but does not focus on details, giving viewers an opportunity to see a general idea of what is happening on the stage. Natalia Shevchenko’s talent immerses visitors to the fantastic world of ballet, which unites music and dance art into a single whole.

In a separate series there are works connected with Russian folklore. In these works, Nathan depicts the characters of his paintings in folk clothes, combining the theatricality of the images created with reality, seeking a special harmony.

The beauty of the ballet images, born of the talent of the artist Nathan. can be seen until December 14.


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