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The jubilee exhibition of Voronezh artist Ksenia Uspenskaya was opened in the museum. Kramskoy


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VORONEZH. The Museum. Kramskoy noted the 95th anniversary of Xenia Nikolayevna Uspensky, a world-famous artist who connected her life with her native city. Born in Voronezh, making her first steps on the road to the profession of the artist, she studied first in an art school, then graduated from art school.

The next stage in the life of Ksenia Uspenskaya was studying in Moscow. In 1949, the young artist became a graduate of the Faculty of Art Pottery Institute of Art, whose head was Deineka. After several years working in the capital, Ksenia Nikolaevna returned to Voronezh. Already in 1953 she became a permanent participant of exhibitions held by the Voronezh Agricultural Academy.

For many years, the artist was engaged in teaching activities, teaching in SRI, where she worked as an assistant professor of architecture. Students, from whom she led the course of painting and drawing, constantly surprised art connoisseurs at the reporting exhibitions. Ksenia Nikolaevna spent a lot of time and social work. She worked in the Union of Artists, on her account several deputy terms in the regional Council of Deputies.

Saturated life did not prevent the artist from engaging in creativity. Most often Xenia wrote genre paintings and portraits, many of which portrayed children. Did not leave the artist and landscapes, which often became the basis of her genre paintings, without attention. Ksenia Uspenskaya has no awards, no prestigious titles, but her works are adorned with many famous museums.

At the jubilee exhibition, opened in the museum on October 20, you can see about 30 works by Ksenia Uspenskaya. The exhibition included painting and watercolors written by an artist in India, where she visited her husband. Most of these works belong to the Museum. Kramskoy.

Visit the exhibition can be on November 26.


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