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"Masterpieces of Gustave Dore" - an exhibition of illustrations of the famous French graphics was presented in Bryansk


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BRYANSK. Capital company Artgid is the first in Russia to present the exhibition project «Masterpieces of Gustave Dore». Thanks to the creators of this project, connoisseurs of graphic art had an opportunity to get acquainted with the illustrations created by an outstanding French artist.

Gustave Dore created his magnificent engravings in the 19th century, but today his illustrations of literary works are valued so highly that the French graphic is still an unsurpassed master of this genre. The exposition of the exhibition, which opened in Bryansk on October 6, housed the museum and exhibition center.

Visiting the exhibition, the residents of Bryansk will be able to see the most famous works of Gustave Dore, the creation of which brought the artist worldwide fame. No less known and works, illustrations for which were made by a French master. Some of them are well known for copies reproduced in printed publications.

This is the famous «Divine Comedy», «The Adventures of Baron Munchausen», «Fairy Tales», written by fellow artist Charles Perrault. Presented in the exhibition and illustrations of the Bible. All these engravings were created by Gustave Dore in the technique of lithography. From these magnificent works it is impossible to come off.

During the life of the artist, publishers considered it a great success to get the right to publish works with illustrations of a brilliant graphic. It was a new style of graphic art created by Gustave Dore.

A huge amount of work was done by the artist during his life. Humor, poetic beauty, and gloomy splendor were present in their subjects, but they shared the same - every work of Gustave Dore became a masterpiece. This was the highest degree of art engraving.

In Bryansk, the exhibition will stay until December 17.


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