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"Metaphors of watercolors" - an exhibition of the artist Lisa Nevinna in the Kaluga ICC


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KALUGA. The exhibition of a young artist Lisa Nevinnaya opened in the Innovative Cultural Center of the city on October 10. For the exhibition presented under the title "Watercolor Metaphors", the artist selected 20 watercolor works, each of which has everything to make the work a finished story. In watercolors written by Lisa Nevinnaya, there are actors, there is a plot and drama.

The young artist demonstrates in her watercolors the mastery of color, the ability to build a competent exposition and a great sense of humor. In all works of Lisa Nevinna there is a belief in love. All these qualities, collected in the watercolors of the young artist, make the audience admire her works.

Each new exhibition of watercolors by Lisa Nevinna, collects a lot of enthusiastic responses. The exhibition "Watercolor Metaphors" has just become available to viewers, but it was already appreciated not only by colleagues on creativity, but also by art lovers who hurried to the ICC to get acquainted with the new works of the Kaluga artist.

At the opening of the exhibition with congratulations on the opening of a new exhibition of Lisa Nevinna Pavel Suslov, the Minister of Culture of the region, made a speech. In the course of congratulating the artist, he noted that the halls of the ICC were conceived precisely as a place where young talents would represent their work.

For Lisa Innocent, creativity in the early childhood became a way of life, because her parents are artists who work in different areas of this art. A talented girl also chose the profession of an artist. She works as a teacher of painting, conducts courses on creating ceramics, and in the remaining time she is engaged in creativity. Exhibitions of her works were successfully held in many countries.

The exhibition in the ICC is open until October 31.


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