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"The Living Chronicle of the War" in the Victory Museum - dedication to the legendary exhibition of wartime


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MOSCOW. Opened at the end of last week, a large-scale exposition in the Victory Museum, its creators dedicated the anniversary of the exhibition, which was held 76 years ago in the Tretyakov Gallery. In the autumn of 1942, visitors came to the famous gallery to see the works of artists, united in an exhibition with a laconic title - «The Great Patriotic War».

This exhibition worked until the end of 1943, and then the works that were part of its exposition were kept in museum collections. The exposition devoted to the anniversary of the exhibition of the war years is presented as the «Living Chronicle of the War». Its scale amazed the imagination of the first visitors - the Victory Museum provided 24 exhibition halls for the exhibition, 200 artists became its participants.

A real treasure of the exhibition were paintings, sponsored by twenty artists who participated in the legendary exhibition of the war years. Seven leading museums took part in their unification in a single exhibition space. Some of the works before the exhibition required restoration.

In total, the exhibition houses the works of 56 artists who were witnesses and participants in military events. The rest of the works belong to artists of different generations, among whom there are our contemporaries. At the opening of the exhibition Alexander Shkolnik, director of the museum on Poklonnaya Hill, noted the special value of works created in wartime.

The exhibition, dedicated to historical events, opened a variety of exhibits - from painting to sculpture. One of its sections was dedicated to the music of the war years. «70 Melodies of Victory» became a section telling museum visitors about the role of music created in wartime.

The exhibition is open until the end of September next year.


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