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"Painting and graphics of Arvi Huttunen" - an exhibition in Murmansk in the 95th anniversary of the artist


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MURMANSK. To the 95th anniversary of the oldest artist of Murmansk, Arvi Huttunen, a personal exhibition is opened in the art museum, representing the painting and graphics executed by this unique man. At the opening of the exhibition was crowded, because Arvi Ivanovich, who lives in Murmansk since 1948, is known to many residents of the Arctic Circle.

The master, who met at the opening ceremony of the exposition with colleagues and fans of his work, received flowers and congratulations, communicated with the guests. At the meeting, many kind words addressed to the jubilee, who dedicated his talent to the glorification of the nature of the North.

Arvie Ivanovich is still sometimes asked about the reason for his love for the northern nature. The answer always sounds the same - it was love at first sight, preserved in his soul for life. The artist traveled a lot, but the North always remained for him the main source of inspiration.

Written by Arvi Huttunen landscapes, surprisingly harmoniously combine laconism of compositions with unusual color solutions. The ice and hills depicted on its canvases are filled with bright colors, which gives them a fantastic view. So the artist sees the world of the Arctic, so he opens it for other people.

During the time devoted to the artist’s work, he showed his works in more than one hundred solo exhibitions. The exposition of the opened anniversary exhibition consists of 40 works of Arvi Huttunen, kept in the collection of the regional art museum.

In the museum are almost all the work of the artist, and they created more than one hundred. In addition to paintings on his account the design of many public buildings in Murmansk, Kirov and other cities of the North.

The exhibition of creativity of the deserved artist and honorable polar explorer Arvi Huttunen can be seen until September 3.


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