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"Meetings and Fates" - an exhibition of the memory of Victor Sorokin in the House of the Master


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LIPETSK. In the House of the Master, an art museum bearing the name of Viktor Sorokin, an exhibition dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation was presented on July 27. The exposition, created by the staff of the museum, is called «Meetings and Fates». This exhibition was not an ordinary collection of works of the artist, in honor of the anniversary placed in a single space.

Admirers of Viktor Sorokin’s talent will see in it a narrative about the way of the artist, who united his life and creativity in teaching work. About 9 years, since 1948, Viktor Semenovich taught painting at the art school of Yelets. His pedagogical activity was based on an individual approach to each of the students.

Viktor Sorokin possessed the ability to invest in his pupils a particle of his talent, thereby transferring to them the tradition of painting, which has a high artistic level. During the work of the Master in an art school, his students became the best painters among their classmates.

In his memoirs, Vilen Dvorianchikov, the founder of the House of Master and his first director, emphasizes that Viktor Semyonovich’s works became a source of inspiration for students. The Master’s students understood the inaccessibility of his work, but the level of painting of Victor Sorokin did not suppress novice artists. Works of the Master only denoted the level of skill to which one should strive.

Creativity of his students is devoted to the main part of the exposition. In fact, «Meetings and Fates», having combined more than 30 works of the Master’s students, present to the public his artistic heritage. Only it is embodied in the works of the followers of the great artist. All of them are famous painters.

Visit the exhibition can be on September 30.


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