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The exhibition of Moscow’s chief architect Sergey Kuznetsov - ’Personal contact. Architectural graphics »


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MOSCOW. «Personal contact. Architectural graphics «- this is how Sergey Kuznetsov, the chief architect of the capital, called his personal exhibition. The exposition, for which the author selected 120 drawings created in different techniques, is in the halls of the «Multimedia Art Museum».

Sketches, sketches and watercolors on which you can see the unique style typical of European and Asian capitals, small streets located in the Moscow center. Each of these metropolitan areas is recognizable, as the artist was able to find in each of them a unique uniqueness. Sergei Kuznetsov noted that when selecting works for the exhibition, he did not give preference to either the technique of drawings or their subjects.

The idea of the exhibition opened with the author to present to the audience the impressions of different cities from the point of view of a professional architect. For a professional, observations of memorable urban objects are important, giving an impression of their uniqueness.

For this reason, it is difficult to determine the theme of the exhibition - in the drawings located in the exhibition hall, next to the modern building of Helikon Opera and the Historical Museum, which adorns the capital for several centuries. Next to the sketches, in which the artist depicted the stages of accomplishment, held on the embankment of Kazan, the impressions made by the author of the Rouen Cathedral in Venice.

All the drawings included in the exposition were created by Sergei Kuznetsov in the last decade. According to the dates indicated in the pictures, you can see how the author’s style of the artist changed. If most of the drawings written more than five years ago are pencil sketches of clearly defined shapes, then in the subsequent time Kuznetsov prefers to write watercolors.

The exhibition is waiting for visitors on 10 September.


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