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"Graphic arts. Ex-libris"- an exhibition in honor of the anniversary of the artist Boris Levshin in Tambov


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TAMBOV. «Graphic arts. Ex-libris «- an exhibition of works by Boris Levshin, Tambov architect and graphic artist, opened June 30 in the regional art gallery, its employees celebrate the anniversary of their fellow countryman. Boris Alekseevich, who died in 2002, this year would have turned ninety years old.

The exhibitions of Boris Levshin were repeatedly held in various exhibition spaces of Tambov. In his work, many places were occupied by the images of his native city, made in watercolor and pastel techniques. In the regional art gallery was presented a number of expositions, which housed sketches and sketches, written by the artist in Poland, the GDR, Czechoslovakia. In each exposition there were also new ex-libris.

In 1966, Boris Lyovshin visited a creative trip on the Russian North. The results of this trip were shown to the audience at the exhibition «Northern Antiquity», which took place in the Tambov Art Gallery in 1968. In addition to architectural landscapes, the enthusiasm for which came from his profession as an architect, Boris Alekseevich devoted much time to the creation of ex-libris.

Most of the small graphic works the artist performed in the technique of linocuts. In the plots of the ex-libris created by Boris Levshin, architectural monuments are also often found. A collection of one hundred miniatures made by the artist was shown in 1996 in the hall of the scientific library of Tambov Technical University

In total, Boris Levshin performed about two hundred bookplates, and devoted his native city to six series of works in the technique of linocut. Used by the artist when creating graphics and ink, felt-tip pen, pencil. Guests of the gallery can plunge into the past of Tambov, frozen in the graphic works of Boris Levshin.


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