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The project ’Creation of the World’ presented in Vladimir naive art


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VLADIMIR. Thanks to the project «Creation of the World», Vladimir residents will get acquainted with the best works of artists representing «naive art» for the first time. Beginning on June 6, an exhibition created in the center of fine art created jointly by two metropolitan museums. In the organization of the exhibition participated «Museum of Modern Art», as well as «Museum of Russian lubok», specializing in the display of artworks made by non-professional artists and graphics.

Interest in the creativity of self-taught people appeared in the late 19th century among European innovators. Today, many critics note the growing skill of talented artists who create their works in a style that has been called «naive». In 2004, the festival «Fest naiv» was held in Moscow for the first time, and it received the status of an international forum that unites unprofessional artists.

«Fest naiv» became in the domestic art a large-scale event aimed at studying the creativity of «naive artists» and its popularization. Now the Vladimirs, visiting the Center of Fine Arts, will be able to get acquainted with original art that has long been recognized worldwide.

The exposition presented by the project «Creation of the World» includes 65 works. More than thirty of their authors are Russian artists. The rest of the work was created by artists from Europe and Georgia. The name of the exhibition project reflects its conception, based on the image of a person throughout the life time - from birth to departure into eternity.

Employees of the Vladimir IZO Center note that the visitors of the exhibition rated it as unusual, but whole and positive. The works are distinguished by the brightness of colors and simplicity. The exhibition project Creation of Peace will stay in Vladimir until July 23.


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