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"The soul of the Russian North" in the works of Vologda masters


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VOLOGDA. In the exhibition hall, located on the Kremlin Square, on June 10, an exhibition devoted to painting, the leading art form in the Vologda region from the middle of the twentieth century to today, began its work. Creating an exhibition of the exhibition «The Soul of the Russian North», the staff of the picture gallery of the Vologda region selected from their collections the best paintings created by contemporary artists of the Vologda land.

The main criterion for selecting works for the exhibition was the display on them of the best qualities inherent in the inhabitants of Vologda region. On each of the paintings placed in the exhibition hall, there is an atmosphere full of sincerity and kindness, cordiality and hospitality, conscientiousness and diligence.

Painting, created by artists of the Vologda region, has always been distinguished by the creative individuality of its creators, the variety of their creative styles and styles of execution. Therefore, the works placed in the exposition can not be combined in style, color palette.

All the works of Vologda artists, of which the exposition is collected, are united only by the theme, the most important in art. These are significant events of history, unforgettable nature of the Vologda region and the life of ordinary people, moments from which the painters have paints on canvases.

Among the works selected for the exhibition, paintings of artists whose talent is already appreciated in the art world, and a number of paintings of original young artists. Collected in a single space, they reflect the image of Vologda, its past and present, the richness of the culture of the region.

The exhibition of painting is supplemented with works representing decorative and applied art. Lace, woodcarving, ceramics and metalworking - these works also found a place in the exhibition hall.


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