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Belgorod Museum of Art presented an exhibition of Voronezh artist Mikhail Viktorov


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BELGOROD. Voronezh artist Mikhail Viktorov presented his work on a personal exhibition, which opened June 22 in the city’s art museum. On the day of the solemn opening of the exposition devoted to the artist to his father, who this year would have turned 100 years old, it was possible not only to see the works of Mikhail Dmitrievich, but also to get acquainted with him personally.

Mikhail Viktorov is known not only as the creator of paintings that received honorable awards at prestigious international exhibitions and arts festivals. He is well known as a set designer and designer. He created sketches for more than fifty performances staged in theaters of Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Volgograd, Kirov and other Russian cities. For many years, the artist is a member of the STD of Russia. Mikhail Dmitrievich is equally successful in pedagogical activity.

He has a professional art education, obtained initially in the art school of Voronezh, and then continued at the architectural faculty of the Voronezh Construction Institute. Today, Mikhail Viktorov shares the secrets of the profession with students of the Pedagogical University of Voronezh, working as an associate professor in the design department.

In Belgorod, the artist brought paintings, made in a decorative style, characteristic of his painting. For the painting of Mikhail Dmitrievich is characterized by the use of warm, golden tones.

The works included in the series «Old Photos» came into the exposition. They are placed in such a way that one can compare the author’s works of Mikhail Viktorov with family photos from his archive. Complement the exposition and other graphic works.

Connoisseurs of art of Belgorod can get acquainted with the creativity of the Voronezh artist until July 17.


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