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Exhibition of artist Roman Donskoy


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May 26, 2017 will be an exhibition of the famous artist, Roman Donskoy, who left the world in 2013, but left a bright memory in the form of beautiful paintings. The event will be held at Starokonyushenny Lane 32, in the Omelchenko Gallery. The name of the exhibition expresses the peculiarity of the artist’s work - «Colors of the brightest force». Indeed, each picture is fraught with incredible power, which can be acquired by every person studying it, who understands what real art is or just wants to start this path.

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Features of creativity

The exhibition of paintings by Roman Donskoy is an important event, as the creativity of this talented person combines the education of an academician and the avant-garde tradition of the beginning of the last century. Roman’s works reflect his life, unique and attracting attention. The bright colors of the pictures seem to fill the spectator with energy, they allow him to look at life, both in general and in particular, on the new side, positive and bold. The thirst for creativity - that was what was inherent in Roman. Each of his paintings was born with renewed vigor, with a new thought, with a new idea.

In the paintings that the artist wrote in recent years of his life, avant-gardism is traced with great emphasis, which can be traced in the canvases presented at the exhibition. Perhaps this is how he expressed his experiential attitude to life, the denial of certain ideas. Interestingly, Roman’s work was influenced by such famous personalities as Picasso, Van Gogh and others.

Visitors to the exhibition will be presented more than 50 paintings, each of which is unique. But this is a small part of the amount of work that Roman Donskoy did. He wrote more than fifty paintings. For the first time, they will be shown in 2017 in two countries, Switzerland and Russia.

Biography of Roman Donskoy

Roman Donskoy was born in January of the 64th year of the last century in Pushkino, which is in the Moscow region. Drawing, he began to get involved since childhood, and his father helped him in this. While studying at school I attended classes conducted by the honored artist of the RSFSR Vladimir Andrushkevich. Then he studied at the Art and Industrial School under the leadership of famous people and eventually became a carver in stone. After the army, he liked to restore the monumental painting in Moscow’s churches, so he entered the relevant institute and became a restorer of monumental painting.

Painting and restoring the temples, Roman was engaged in painting. A lot of works performed from nature. He liked to leave the city, he found inspiration in the nature of the Moscow region and other areas. The creative potential of the artist was revealed in a special way in multi-figured compositions and portraits. An important source of inspiration for the artist was his family - his wife and three children.

Pictures of Don can not remain indifferent. It is difficult to look away from them. They create a special mood and convey a unique, lively impression. You can make sure of this by visiting the exhibition on 26 May.


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