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Exhibition of creativity of the Lipetsk artist Vladimir Davydenko in the House of the Master


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LIPETSK. The Museum. Sorokina exhibition «Clean Spring» presented visitors the work of the famous painter Vladimir Davydenko. Lipetsk artist collected in the exhibition works of various genres, written in 2000-2016. Each picture of Vladimir Davydenko is written emotionally and with extreme observation.

His landscapes strikingly accurately reflect the variability of the surrounding artist of nature. Regardless of the genre in which Vladimir Davydenko writes his paintings, he always carefully studies every detail. Using the finest nuances of the color palette, the painter fills his paintings with amazing light.

The artist is firmly convinced that the reality fixed by him is the main task of art. Therefore, Vladimir Davydenko uses in his work the best traditions peculiar to the Russian school of realism. The painter believes that working in a realistic manner, he expresses his respect to the audience.

Of great importance for Vladimir Davydenko is the theme, the work on which the painter fills with a special meaning. He painted a series of portraits dedicated to Russian monasticism. Above these works the artist worked for about 10 years. In each of the painted portraits the inner world of man is transferred.

The picture «Two Monks» Vladimir Davydenko presented to the public in 2000. She entered the exposition of the exhibition in Moscow, which opened for the celebration of the 2000th anniversary of Christianity. The next picture from this cycle the artist showed in 2006 at the regional exhibition.

At the end of last year, viewers saw the last work of Vladimir Davydenko, called the painter «Inok». With this work, the artist completed the triptych «Joy of Life».

The exhibition of the Lipetsk painter is waiting for visitors until May 15.


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