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The jubilee exhibition of the artist George Bagdasarov Kislovodsk Museum ’Fortress’


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Kislovodsk. Museum «Fortress» continues the exhibition series «Jubilees of the Year» which opened February 11th exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of Yuri Bagdasarov, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Yuri Aramovich many years cooperates with Kislovodsk History Museum. His work is represented in the museum’s permanent exhibition.

A gallery of portraits painted by Yuri Bagdasarov, can be seen by visiting the Museum «Fortress». Before visitors appear marshals Zhukov and Baghramyan, conducted by Safonov and writer Solzhenitsyn. Recently, Yuri Aramovich gave the museum his new job - he illustrated Gogol’s «The Overcoat.» This book was immediately placed in the exhibition showcase.

Many works are in the museum «Fortress». Yuri Aramovich always actively participates in events organized by the museum staff. He took part in the preparation of its own jubilee exhibition, providing exposure to unique materials, which can meet various facets of his work.

The central location of exposure placed works made in the avant-garde style. In this genre can feel confident only artists, past a solid mastery school. These works are a kind of puzzles, where the combination of colors, images, techniques, composition. They require the ability to think, however, each viewer is able to feel the subtle humor of the author and his positive mood.

On the creative account of Yuri Bagdasarov large monumental works adorned Kislovodsk. In his artistic project plaque, decorated the gates of the fortress described in Lermontov «Hero of Our Time» was created. It was established by the 200th anniversary of the poet.

The exhibition is waiting for guests to 11 March.

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