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"Pushkin Gallery" Zheleznovodsk exhibition "Go to your dream" is the work of Anastasia Sipakova


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ZHELEZNOVODSK. «Go to your dream» - under this name, the artist Anastasia Sipakova presented an exhibition of her art, which was opened in the Pushkin Gallery. This exhibition immediately aroused the interest of visitors to the gallery. Employees of the exhibition hall noted that on the first day of the exposition, about two hundred connoisseurs of painting visited the exhibition.

The talent of the artist from the Stavropol Territory was noted by her schoolteacher, when the girl was only ten years old. Looking at the drawings of Anastasia, he called them «very artistic.» At first she had just an interest in drawing, and then a professional art education followed.

Anastasia Sipakova fell in love with a creative life, not always predictable, but for her is extremely interesting. The artist spent a lot of time in Sochi, where she not only showed and sold her works, but also found time to learn new techniques used in the portrait genre.

At the beginning of the work Anastasia tried herself in different genres. This was the creation of design projects, and the painting of walls. She even decorated wooden eggs with portraits of rulers. Although now the artist creates plot pictures based on the portrait genre, she paints portraits with oil, and portraits with familiar faces still come to life on matryoshka and wooden eggs.

Since 2006, Anastasia has started to participate in exhibitions. On her account more than twenty exhibitions of collective and two personal. One of them was held in Nevinnomyssk, the artist’s native city, and the second in Kislovodsk. The works of the artist, filled with sincerity, imagination and colorfulness, cause increasing interest in her work.

The exhibition in the Pushkin Gallery, which became the third solo exhibition of Anastasia, is open until March 1.


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