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Muralism as art

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Imagine art. I’m sure that everyone in the head immediately flashed beautiful paintings, drawn in watercolor or oil. Someone came up with a picture of Monet, another - Aivazovsky.

But, you see, very few people could have thought of murals.

Who and why are they dressing at home in street clothes?

Mural Art is modern street art. Declaring themselves in the late XIX-early XX century, murals rapidly began to decorate multi-storey buildings around the world, and our country was no exception. Cloths for this type of art are the outer walls of buildings, and the technical means that the artists reserve for creating their works are aerosol cans with different nozzles, acrylic paints dries quickly, and brushes for making small details of the drawing.

In contrast to his «brother» in street art - graffiti - Murals are the official and legal form of art, because local authorities allow artists to perform work on the walls of the city’s buildings. To get this permission it is enough to file a letter of appeal to the city council, as well as a sketch of the drawing and your portfolio - and the artist has already documented the existence of the future «canvas».

It is also important to have a philanthropist who will provide funds for the creative process.

The expression «Meet on the clothes» can be applied to the walls of houses: while the hand of the master did not touch them and did not create an «outfit», the houses will remain invisible, and the streets will not acquire artistic charm.

What do street artists paint?

The genre palette of murals is diverse. It reflects the author’s original style, his feelings and emotions, hidden between the elements of the drawings.

Some artists use animalism in their works, that is, the themes of the animal world. Entering with the help of the brush and paints of animals into the rhythm of the streets, the artist tries to show the population how closely a person and nature coexist. With the help of murals you can even popularize sports.

However, murals can perform not only an aesthetic function, but also have an allegorical meaning, depict important pressing problems, to which the author wants to draw the attention of the society. This may be the problem of global warming, political events, etc. Reproducing political and social themes in their images, the muralists remind the public that problems need to be addressed. This is a «cry of the soul,» for which the artist’s hand-crafted hand and a successful chosen place are used - large walls of buildings in public view, so that it does not forget about social problems.