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Gorodets painting

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History Gorodetsky mural begins with the XIX century. During this period, she became one of the types of crafts which were so widely prevalent in Gorodets Nizhny Novgorod province. Craft is not forgotten and still exists today. It began from the time when the spinning wheels and paint Donets ridge.

Gorodets painting

In terms of process, this kind of painting is much easier than Khokhloma, which, incidentally, also born in these parts. Painted composition is applied directly to the board. At the request of the board initially primed. For priming the paint come from a variety of colors. First on the board with pencil planned location of future elements. It builds the future composition of the pattern. If the master is quite experienced in his work, this step is not used. Figure is applied directly to the use of paints. Highlights executed paints lighter tones, and they carried out the application of the elements of a darker color, such as petals, buds and more. At the last stage, the performance of dashes and dots. To do this, use white and black color inks. At this stage, all the actions are carried out very thin and soft brush. This allows us to give the impression of completeness. When the paint dries, paint coating is carried out.

There are the following main types of composites:

  • flower;
  • «Horse» and «bird«;
  • story.

Gorodets painting

The first option is most common, because this painting is the simplest. In the simplest embodiments depicted a flower and leaves. Ornamental composition located on the sides of the product. In this way, for example, painted bread bins. The cover contains an image of a flower, and on each side there is a flower ornament.

The flower painting, common types of ornament are.

1) Bouquet

Flowers are arranged symmetrically. This kind of painting is found on the box, casket, and other subjects.

2) Garland

It is a variation of the bouquet. In the central part is the large size of the flower, and on the sides of the leaves and the flowers fade, whose size is much smaller. They can have a circular arrangement or placed on line. This kind of painting is characteristic of a breadbox, dishes and so on. N.

3) Rhombus

It is kind of garland, where flowers are arranged so that they form the shape of a rhombus.

4) Flower stripe

It appeared from the time when the painted spinning wheels. This composition ribbon nature, consisting of flowers, repeating each other. flowers of the same size, and they are divided leaves.

5) Wreath

This similarity flower strip, but it is closed at the edges of an object.

«Horse» and «bird»

It occurs in a wide variety of subjects. It is found on utensils household. The motives here have expressed a symmetrical character. By location, they can be placed inside a flower garland. If these motifs are depicted separately, the symmetry of the flower arrangement can be maintained, or may be violated.

The painting story

It differs most labor-intensive, but the most beautiful. Plots can be quite different. Here are presented and partying and gatherings, and so on. There may be, and scenes from modern life. This painting is typical for the most part, for the panels.