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Giovanni Chivardi ’The Human Body’ - about the book

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Denote the title of the book: «The human body (anatomy, morphology, plastic).» And now - forward, to the visual content of the publication. The author loudly declares that all his drawings are made from models. And accidentally adds a few words about the fact that some poses could be uncomfortable for posing. It looks like the truth. After all, judging by the drawings, people suffered! (How much in vain). Leading specialist Giovanni can allow himself to demonstrate his own skill and without the participation of sitters, because the drawings are executed schematically. And not the essence, they are written from models or by imagination, backed up by the knowledge of their business.

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The book presents a large number of illustrations. All of them are made with black ink and a pen. The aim of the author is to teach how to depict the human body on the basis of a schematic graphic illustration. Thus, all the drawings look schematic. In the publication of D. Chivardi - in contrast to, say, the publication of B. Hogarth - the availability of abundant illustrative material does not imply the description of the self-instruction manual as «qualitative».

The peculiarity of the Italian

Before proceeding to a direct analysis of the drawings, I must say a few words about the manner of the artist. It is noteworthy that the author’s special attention is focused on the sex organs of the sitters. D. Chiardi draws them not only with an enviable constancy (and indeed, where do without them?), But with nothing «not covered up» with love. (Hence the assumption can be made why the master’s hand did not use the imagination to create educational drawings: the main thing is «vision»!)

And here is the most interesting!

For example, the drawings are named «open» and «closed» forms. If the «closed» form is more or less clear - the author curled the model, then the «open» is interesting only by the name (with respect to the authorship of Chivardi). Here the author proposes to contemplate the following picture: a man standing on the width of his shoulders with his hands raised upwards and slightly apart. And everything would be fine, but not without genitals. It would seem that everyone understands that they should be located there, but in general, no one would notice their absence (or easy identification by lines), as it is (and worth emphasizing) the artistic image. The author himself forgot, was so absorbed in the process about the purpose of his work. But let us recall that it is enclosed in the phrase: «Try to teach how to represent the human body.» And the human body in the artistic image is a trunk, arms, legs, head.

I must say that the passion for the genitals so mastered the author that he managed to depict the genitals in cases where they even would have been unnoticeable. But the sharp eye D. Chivardi sees genitals, even in the most difficult, for sight, places. For example, the series of images «Dimensions and proportions: a technique for observing and determining dimensions» shows the dimensions of the human body: length and width. The model is depicted from the back in full growth. Between the legs there is something that can only be guessed. But, assuming the artwork, we will assume that this is an additional central point of the illustration (not counting the main one, located just above), which determines the direction of the length and width of the human body (in this case, male).

Apparently, the genitals do not remain without attention, which adversely affects such a part of the body as the «arm». For example, the picture «Expressiveness.» The first picture shows a man - in the same position as in the example above, with one difference - his arms and legs are bent. Of course, between the legs settled an inseparable work in all its glory. It is worth noting that such art is drawn with much more enthusiasm than other parts of the body. The following illustration shows a man in motion - he is depicted half-turned. With the left hand everything is fine - it can be seen, the author even drew his fingers well, not much hatching... But the second, right hand - was gone. According to the author’s true design, judging by other illustrations, the left side of the body should show the part of the brush, the hand that has completely disappeared. At least one finger. No hands! At the same time D. Chivardi does not forget to draw genitals, as already noted, even where they should not be. What can tell this trend in the images of the Italian artist? Of course, speaking of the training manual, it is not the place to talk about the temperament of the famous Italian (sexologists note). Turning to a detailed analysis of the drawings by Giovanni Chivardi, it is quite difficult to call him a «master.» Such a presentation and, in general, the manner of depicting the educational material is characterized not by the master, but by a crude «forgery»: excessive naturalism is no longer an art. Art involves building a new reality - better ideal, as an incentive for a person to become good and beautiful in practice, but what did D. Chiardi want to say as an artist? Being a pornographer, he could do more!