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Giovanni Chivardi ’The human body’ - the book

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Let the name of the book: «The human body (anatomy, morphology, plastic).» And now - go ahead, to the visual content of publications. Author loudly declares that all his drawings made with models. And add a few words more chance that some of the poses could be inconvenient for posing. It seems to be true. After all, according to the figures, suffering people! (Hurl). Leading Specialist Giovanni can afford to show their own skills and without sitters, because the drawings are made schematic. And it is not the essence, they were written to model or use the imagination, supported by knowledge of the business.

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The book presents a large number of illustrations. All of them are made of black ink and pen. The author’s goal - to learn to depict the human body based on a schematic graphical illustration. Thus, all the pictures look sketchy. The publication D. Chivardi - as opposed to, say, the publication B. Hogarth - the presence of abundant illustrative material not intended characteristic tutorial as «quality.»

The peculiarity of the Italian

Before turning to the direct analysis of the figures, it is necessary to say a few words about the style of the artist. It is remarkable that the author’s attention is focused on the genital organs sitters. D. Chivardi draws them not only has consistently (and really, where do without them?), But also does not «cover» with love. (Hence we can assume why the master’s hand did not use imagination to create an educational figures: the main thing - «vision»!)

And here’s the fun part!

For example, figures called «open» and «closed» form. If a «closed» form is more or less clear - the author turned up model, the «open» is interesting only have one name (relative to the authorship Chivardi). Here, the author proposes to witness the following scene: a man standing on the shoulder width apart with raised hands and slightly divorced. And everything is good, but not without genitalia. It would seem that all is clear and that they should be placed there, but their absence (or light designation lines), in general, no one would have noticed, because it comes (and it is worth to underline) the artistic image. The author himself has forgotten, was so engrossed in the process of the purpose of their work. But remember that it is contained in the phrase: «Try to learn to depict the human body.» A man’s body in the artistic image - it is the torso, arms, legs and head.

It must be said that the passion of the genitals so possessed by the author, that he managed to portray the sexual organs in cases where they would be even imperceptibly. But a keen eye D. Chivardi sees genitals even in the most difficult to sight locations. For example, a series of images «dimensions and proportions: a methodology for monitoring and determining the dimensions» shows a human body dimensions: length and width. The model is depicted from the back upright. Between the legs there is something about what we can only guess. But, assuming the artistic figure, we assume that this is an additional illustration of the center point (not including the main, situated just above), which determines the direction of the length and width of the human body (in this case - male).

As can be seen, the genitals are not left without attention, that adversely affects the parts of the body such as the "hand". For example, "expressiveness" picture. The first figure shows a man - in the same position as in the example above, with one difference - his arms and his legs are bent. Of course, between the legs of the inherent product it has settled in all its glory. It is worth noting that these arts are drawn with much more enthusiasm than other parts of the body. The following illustration shows a man in motion - he is depicted half-turned. With his left hand all is well - it can be seen, the author even fingers painted well, not so much... But the second hatch, right hand - was gone. In the true intention of the author, according to another illustration, the left side of the body should be visible portion of the brush, without a trace of a vanished hand. At least one finger. No hands! At the same time D. Chivardi not forget to paint the genitals, as already noted, even where they should not. What can tell this trend in pictures by Italian artist? Of course, speaking about the manual, not the place to talk about the famous Italian temperament (sexologists on the note). Referring to the detailed analysis of the figures by Giovanni Chivardi, it is difficult to call him "master". Such feed and general manner of teaching material image is characterized not by the master rather rough and "fake": excessive naturalism - it is not art. Art involves the construction of a new reality - better than the ideal, as an incentive for the person to become a good and beautiful in practice, and what D. Chivardi wanted to say as an artist? Being a pornographer, he managed more!