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Popular Painting

Эдвард Джон Пойнтер - Древнеримские состязания по гребле


Ethnic embroidery - a business card of the woman of fashion

Ethnic style of clothes periodically experiences peaks and recessions of popularity, being thus one of the most interesting, unusual and picturesque styles.

Chinese National Art Museum in Beijing

The greatest Michelangelo, which gave birth to an era in the world of art

Bruno Amadio ’Weeping Boy’

Giovanni Chivardi ’The Human Body’ - about the book

Muralism as art

Gorodets painting

History of the development of painting

Portrait of an Unknown Man. On the investigation of the false portrait of Lobachevsky brush Shchegolkov

Creativity by Antonio Gaudi. Dithyramb to the Master

Decorating the room with pictures and photos

Painters of the Renaissance and their paintings

How to teach a child to draw?

Buying an expensive painting from an auction

Frescoes: modernity through the prism of antiquity

Picture ’Moscow courtyard’: simplicity and deep meaning

Which exhibitions of paintings are worth visiting abroad

Sights of Moscow

Learning to cook deliciously and correctly

Ivan Cherny - a new abstractionism

Excursions in Saint-Petersburg

Perfect lighting in the artist’s studio

What is the meaning of the work of art?

Western European Painting

The most beautiful paintings of artists in the world

Naked nature - the top of perfection or vulgarity?

"Exclibris" - a special sign with an interesting history

Names. Walt Disney: lived-there was an artist

The mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa


Russian avant-gardist Alexander Kryukov

Watch comedies or communicate with nature?

A magnificent chapel of the Duke of Berry

Pictures for the kitchen

Beginners in feltinge: we cast beads

History and types of baguette for paintings

Should I turn an office into an art gallery?

Stages of the development of Chinese art

Modular paintings as an art form

"Sleeping Eros" by Michelangelo

A wonderful world of portraits of Jean-Etienne Lyotard

Cars and people in the paintings of Alan Fernley

Russia and France in the era of Napoleon through the eyes of artists

Exhibition equipment - from museums to fairs

Classics in painting and interior

How to find a job in Moscow for a young artist?

What kind of interior items from several parts to choose?

Modern painting and conceptual symbolism

Cheat sheet for New Year’s holidays: the most interesting gifts

Tutor-artist in the world of art

The best sand show in Russia

Wedding album with own hands

Expressionism in interior design

Nikas Safronov

Family photo session

The most famous baguette workshops of Peter

Modern methods in photography technique

Modular paintings in the modern interior

Development of landscape genre

Ideas about beauty in different times

Ebru: a unique Turkish painting on the water

Drawing is an excellent way to calm down

Choosing the right frame for paintings

What are the directions of contemporary artists

Portraits in the style of pop art - beautiful and original


Wall decoration with paintings, as an addition to the interior

Paintings in the interior of the hallway

Reproductions of pictures at registration of premises

Unforgettable performances at the Bolshoi Theater

Unforgettable places in Saint-Petersburg

Preliminary purchase of theater tickets for the Moral Code

Touching the beautiful - the work of Arena Bumanca

Sotheby’s will offer a portrait of Daisy Fellowes brush by Jacques Emile Blanche

The Norton Simon Museum presents Edward Manet’s work ’The Railroad’

Women’s tattoo: how to choose a picture?

Moscow theater ’Lenkom’ - past and present

Catalog-reason Paul Cezanne is available online

Monkeys - the best cartoon for family viewing

Sistine Chapel in 3D

The future of virtual museums in the light of the need to insure cultural values

Spot as an expressive element of decorative painting

How museums were created in Holland

Unusual monuments

Framing workshop: all the details of the frame

Pick up a pencil. How to learn to draw without leaving your home

Mauritius Escher: art by the formula?

Intuitive painting - a portrait of yourself

Story on the letter ’P’

How to learn to draw?

Aerography, painting on the body of a car

Discuss ideas on how to decorate a wall in the kitchen near the table

Chaban - an essential attribute of the oriental art of tea drinking

Drawing with iron

Bohemian interior: what is Boho?

On the Youth of the Fergana Valley

The Sistine Chapel in the UK

Master and ’Madonna in the grotto’ - The legendary da Vinci and his riddle

Russian painting utensils

Great forger

"Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene" sets a record at the auction

The most expensive museums of painting

Restoration of churches and churches - the restoration of our souls

How Michelangelo made David a true giant

Degas and Cassatt: The Untold Story of Creative Friendship

The stolen paintings of Gauguin and Bonnard for 40 years hung in the kitchen with a simple worker

In the UK, there were no artists capable of drawing, like Van Gogh

How to draw an abstract picture: first steps

Technologies of manufacturing of stained-glass windows

Dinburgh International Arts Festival starts on August 9

3 mistakes when photographing yourself in the mirror

Rose from beet, or culinary carving

David Lachapel - Dali of the Third Millennium

What does the word ’infographics’ mean?

History of the Dresden Gallery

Genres of painting - how to choose a picture in the house

Place of pictures in the modern interior

Does the ’Colossus’ of Goya’s brush belong to - the controversy continues

World artist

Galleries of quality reproductions of paintings

The public did not understand the paintings of Picasso and Van Gogh a hundred years ago

Paintings in the interior, what to choose

Journey to the Museum of Ceramics History in Jingdezhen

The Brera Pinacoteca will be managed by a public foundation

Painter D. G. Levitsky and his portraits

Magic children’s fairy tales on the theme of travel

Madonna di Foligno Raphael

"Crouching boy"

Musicians of one of the best orchestras in Spain were out of work

Frislite. The Art of Stopping Light

Museums of Vinnitsa

Old Russian architecture

Russian Baroque

Totalitarian tendencies in architecture of the 20-30s

Soviet painting of the middle of XX century

Handmade items - home decoration

Soviet literature 20-30-ies of the XX century

Russian and Soviet culture during the First World War

Theatrical culture of the ’Silver Age’

"World of Art"

Mamontovsky Circle

Acmeism, futurism and symbolism

Symbolism - justification in modernity

Culture of the ’Silver Age’

The beginning

Culture at the turn of the century

Realism of Russian composers

From classicism to realism

Realism in Russian Art of the XIX Century

Romanticism in Russian painting of the XIX century

XIX century in Russian literature

XIX century in the history of education in Russia

The influence of Petrine reforms on the development of Russian culture

Construction of cities in Russia

Russian landscape

Sentimentalism in Russian culture

Russian culture in the era of palace coups

Elizabeth Petrovna’s contribution to the development of Russian culture

Russian Culture in the Time of Peter I

XVII century in the history of Russian culture

The origin of Russian theatrical traditions

Music - an integral part of princely life

Russian culture during the Khrushchev thaw

The First Christian Temples

"Golden Age" of medieval Russian painting

Appearance of icon painting

The appearance of printing in Russia

Chronicle in Russia

The appearance of the Russian epic epic

Conditions for the restoration of culture in the postwar years

The influence of Christianity on the formation of Slavic culture

The emergence of Slavic culture in the Middle Ages, part 2

The emergence of Slavic culture in the Middle Ages

Conceptualism and postmodernism

From Futurism to Surrealism

From Social Realism to Cubism

Neoclassicism as an aesthetic tendency

Constructivism, rationalism, functionalism, and de-urbanism

The main directions of Western culture of the XX century.

The fluidity of forms and the instantaneous movement of impressionism

XIX century in European art

Italian Romanticism

Western European Romanticism

The main trends in the development of Western European culture of the XIX century.

Short film

Patricia Rosales: designer with experience

Marina Dempster: shoes as self-expression in art

History of Modern Art

Curve Cartoon Mirror

Graffiti from the ancient world to today

Teaching a child to draw

Kurt Wenner: the story of a virtuoso

The architecture of Byzantium - a reflection of divine beauty




Creativity of marine painters

Briefly about the museums of Paris

Festival of Flowers in Madeira

Realistic Sensitivity

Modern Modernism

Modern cinema

International Shoe Museum in Vigevano

Canvas and oil paintings - where to start

Psychological balance through painting

Colors and Feng Shui

St. Petersburg: The Winter Palace

Architecture on the pulse of time

Still life

Museums that do not exist: the gallery of Ivan Evmenyevich Tsvetkov

Painting of the beginning of the twentieth century. Birth of the composition and a new perception of reality

Russia ’pre-Christian’ - ancient celebrations

Painting and Graphics in the Netherlands of the XV century

Portraits of the Borgia dynasty

Ancient German art

The history of Norwegian art of painting

Exposition of paintings and engravings

The development of European portrait painting

The development of portrait painting in the Renaissance

Keeping pictures

Painting of the Renaissance

Paintings in the interior





Artistic drawing

Portrait miniature

History of Russian Painting

Festival of KVN - uniting humorists

Fauvism in painting

Modern in Russian painting


A few words about the portrait


Russian Painting Wizards

Byzantine Painting

A little bit about the history of European drawing

The Art of Photography



Contemporary art - manga


Theatrical art


Fine Arts and Advertising

Culture of landscape design

The art of landscape lighting

Art of Artistic Stained Glass

Italian style in the interior

Wood and interior styles

The art of creating a winter interior

Mirror under the antiquity


Watercolor and acrylic


Pop Art


Portrait painting

What is mandala

Vietnamese decorative art


Painting on Glass


The art of knitting

Poster as a direction in art

Competence in paints

V.Putin from the delegates of the conference of the Union of Artists

On the way to the light

Painting by trial and error

Clouds over the ’Art-Manege’

A stone sculptor gave his soul

Metamorphoses of Picasso

Game of classics

How I became a cartoonist

Where Lenin lived and worked

Parallel worlds of Tatyana Nazarenko

Maria Devi Christ

All-Russian Conference of the Russian Union of Artists

Prisoners of Beauty

Sculptural plasticine

Every day to live like the last

Why do we store cultural monuments

The First Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

"Amur Autumn" in Blagoveshchensk

Camon of an owl?