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Каналетто - Базилика Максенция

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Magnum Ars Auction House

20/09/2017 Magnum Arsis the largest company in Russia that organizes auctions of art objects, which includes an expert, research and publishing unit, a design studio, a restoration workshop.

Anna Davydchenko. Brush - calling on the road

10/04/2017 Artist Anna Davydchenko was born in Volgograd, but for more than twenty years she has been living and working in the Crimea. Landscapist, a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine and Russia. Her works are kept in private collections in Germany, France, Greece, Canada, USA, Israel, CIS countries. In the literary-memorial museum of A. Green, in the Art Museum of Vinnitsa, in the Feodosia Art Gallery named after IK Aivazovsky.

Sweet Samson’s «Dynamic Carbon»

03/12/2015 Sweet Samson’s solo show is currently on view in Moscow and journalist Peter Markov had a chance to interview the artist beforehand.

LaFe and his watercolor roses

28/10/2015 In the gallery Bratec Lis in Moscow, an exhibition of a famous watercolor from Thailand - LaFe (Sattha Homsawat). We had the opportunity to communicate with the artist in the environment of his works.

Helena Chataline

15/06/2015 Recently in the «At Varshavka» gallery took place the exhibition of Helena Chataline – "Man! Man? Man...» I am a frequenter of this gallery, but what I saw, I mean, what Helena showed to everyone caused a lot of feelings in me. I wanted to have a talk. Ask her about the creativity. That's how the interview with a wonderful person, Helena Chataline, came true!

Expert and expertise, Victor A. Spengler

24/04/2015 Interview with Victor Aleksandrovich Spengler, director of the Center for Artistic Examination named after I.E. Repin. «Center for artistic examination. I.E. Repin «provides services for preliminary visual assessment and examination of the authenticity of works of art.

Anna Guseva: ’Inside me there lives a goose that creates geese ...’

12/02/2015 From 13 to 27 February in the gallery Zeppelin in TDC «Novinsky» will be the first solo exhibition of paintings by Anna Guseva «The Goose / The Goose.» On the eve of the opening, our correspondent interviewed the artist.

Lana Karnilova - Look at life through me

03/02/2015 Art director Galeriks Fateev Sergey met with the organizer of the exhibition «Look at life through me» Lana Karnilova.

Creative meeting with Konstantin Khudyakov

19/01/2015 In the Gallery «Nagornaya», January 17, 2015 at 14.00 a creative meeting with the artist Konstantin Khudyakov, winner of numerous festivals and competitions. We offer a video report about this event.

Julia Andreeva. CHA. Exhibition ’Joyful Day’

29/12/2014 - Good afternoon, Julia!What is remarkable about the outgoing year 2014?

Meeting in the artist Alexander Bobrov before the exhibition ’A Joyful Day’ in the Central House of Artists

29/12/2014 - Yulia and Alexander, here ends the President of the Year of Culture.What happened in your work?

Vyacheslav Korolenkov, interview in CHA

27/12/2014 In Moscow in the Central House of Artists on Sunday December 28, the opening of the exhibition «Joyful Day», which presents new works of the Moscow impressionists Vyacheslav Korolenkov, Alexander Bobrov and Julia Andreeva.

Visiting artist Natalie Rahlina

15/12/2014 On a visit to the artist Natalie Rahlina, art director Galeriks, Fateev Sergey visited and asked a few questions.

Yulia Blinova. Artist. New ideas.

16/09/2014 On the pages of the Internet project appeared a wonderful artist, teacher and a wonderful person Julia Blinova. We decided to interview and introduce our readers to a talented artist.

Diana Surzhina. Report from the artist’s studio.

25/07/2014 The task of every creative person is to create a new layer in art. Especially important is the uniqueness of the singer - he will fall and glory and criticism.

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