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Камиль Писсарро - Авеню Оперы - Солнечное зимнее утро


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Shifting Pixel by Joe Lencioni
Jhonatan Sneider (Puzzles Programmer)
Смайлики kolobok.us от Aiwan

About Gallerix.ru

There is some difference between the way the picture looks and the way it looked when the artist worked on it. Time passes, the colors fade, the material is wasted. Reproductions of many paintings, laid out in online galleries, were initially scanned with a violation of the color balance, the images present a bright pronounced moire, some paintings are scanned is not the original, as, for example, album or other printed products. Before we get into Gallerix.ru, most of the paintings is a special graphic processing, which aims at recovery of color balance, in extreme close-ups to the original.

It is not always possible to do this correctly. First, many paintings by the author's design should look with an offset inks. This applies to certain genres and to some songs. For example an image of life space with the candle, incense, etc. lighting - such pictures on's idea to look too brown. Secondly, old paintings, when photographing or scanning, were not evenly lit. For example, the picture in the original version does not shine all the colors of the rainbow, with the passage of time (and sometimes hundreds of years), paint faded, then what do we see it now - only shades of brown. This means that the blue sostavlyuschey it does not at all. Now, when we try to affordable ways to rectify the situation, we get massive blue lit, for example, where the painting when photography came daylight. Typically, such areas are at the edges of the canvas.

Generally speaking, the higher was the variety of colors in the picture in its original, so we have more chances to see it for what it was conceived by the artist.

Simon de Vos. "David, Abigail brings gifts". Left - variant pattern in the form in which it is represented in the museum "Hermitage" today, this reproduction also can be found in several online galleries. Right - the processed version of the gallery Gallerix.ru. There is a difference, is not it? From left to bottom on both options is seen blue glare from daylight - in the original - this are two pieces of the same digital reproduction:

But this is not the worst option, often paints scenes fade so that the original color to the naked eye, ie, without digital processing, it is impossible to see. Such patterns are also very much, for example - Tom Blanchet, "Landscape with sarcophagus. Also from the Hermitage collection. Left - the original, right - Gallerix.ru:

In the online gallery of paintings Gallerix come from all possible sources, with the highest quality version of selected prints at maximum resolution. Without any false modesty, at this point in time, Gallerix.ru - one of the largest online exhibitions in the Russian-language internet. The exhibition is replenished on a continual basis.

Gallerix is personal, non-profit project.

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