Alte und Neue Nationalgalerie (Berlin) Images: 974

Alte und Neue Nationalgalerie (Berlin)

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Старая национальная галерея – это уникальное собрание коллекций различных произведений, которые принадлежат эпохе романтизма, импрессионизма, классицизма, раннего модернизма. Эта галерея расположена в Берлине, на острове Музеев, где находится целое созвездие самых известных берлинских музеев. Идея создания подобного шедевра зародилась еще в 1815 году, но реализовать ее удалось лишь в 1841 году. ... Далее ↓

- Way to Castel Gandolfo
- White Peacock amongst Turkeys and Chickens
- Still Life with Lobster
- Genoveva in the Forest
- Nurmahal
- Marketplace with Fountain
- Gothic Hall with views of Reims
- Dense Forest with Bridge over a Stream
- Aztec Fire Temple
- Kandelaksha
- The raftsmen
- View at Ischl from Sophienplatz
- Temple of Isis in Pompeii
- View over houses in the evening light
- Gothic Hall with View of High Mountains
- Italienerin by the sea
- View from a Cave towards the Sea and Mountains
- Cafe Moritzhof in Berlin
- Stork in the Reeds
- A Rider in the Tropical Forest
- Native Huts in the Village of Jalcomulco
- Spit of Land near El Manzanillo. Natives under Tro…
Ferdinand von Rayski - Portrait of Count Haubold …
Hans von Marees - The Rowers
Lesser Ury - Estaminet
Wilhelm Trubner - On the Sofa
Alfred Rethel - Portait of the Artist’s Mother
Johann Friedrich Overbeck - The Seven Fat Years
Wilhelm Leibl - Dachau Woman and Child
Anselm Feuerbach - Memory about Tivoli
Carl Gustav Carus - Pilgrim in a Rocky Valley
Carl Blechen - View of Roofs and Gardens
Carl Blechen - Gorge near Amalfi
- Portrait of Dr. Lieberkuhn
- Robert D Arcy, 4th Earl of Holderness
- Portrait Maria Doublet van Groenstein, Lady Holder…
- Portrait of Henriette Herz as Hebe
- Self-Portrait
- Frederick the Great
- Johann Friedrich Weitsch and his first wife Anna …
- Lute player
- Portrait of Abbot Jerusalem
- Princess Varvara Vasiljena Galitsina
- Portrait of Henriette Herz
- Elisa von der Recke
- The sculptor Gottfried Schadow
- Princess Friederike of Prussia
- Jakob Philipp Hackert
- Prospero and Ariel
- Italian landscape
- Head of a Boy
- Forest landscape with warriors
- Probst Johann Joachim Spalding
Karl Friedrich Schinkel - Castle by the River
Christian Gottlieb Schick - Portrait of Heinrike …
- Harz Landscape
- Death of Oscar
- Arcadian Landscape with Apollo
- River landscape
- Alexander von Humboldt
- Portrait of the Poet Friedrich Klopstock
Philipp Otto Runge - Pauline Runge with her two-y…
- Maypole
Caspar David Friedrich - Abbey among Oak Trees
Caspar David Friedrich - Monk by the Sea
- Gothic cloister ruin with groups of trees
- Meeting of Abraham and Hagar
- Andromeda
- Portrait of the poet Jean Paul
- Portrait of the Painter Caspar David Friedrich
- Landscape with two bathing children
- View of the Pontoon Bridge from the Summer Garden …
- Waterfall near Subiaco
- Christ in the House of Mary and Martha
- The Painter Caspar David Friedrich in His Studio
- Sacred Grove
- Portrait of Theodor Korner
- Dusk
- Saint Sebastian
Anton Graff - Self-Portrait with Eye-shade
Karl Friedrich Schinkel - Morning
- Gothic Cathedral by the Water
- Noahs Sacrifice
- Self-portrait
- Theodor Korner, Karl Friesen and Christian Ferdina…
- Self Portrait with his Brother Rudolf and Bertel T…
- Male head study
- Cross beside The Baltic
Karl Friedrich Schinkel - Gothic Church on a Rock…
- Medieval City on a River
Peter von Cornelius - Joseph Reveals Himself to H…
- Joseph Interpreting Pharaohs Dream
- Saint Anne and Mary
- The Seven Lean Years
- Joseph and Potiphpars Wife
- Ariadne on Naxos
- Presentation of the Bloodstained Cloak to Jacob
- The errant knight
- Joseph in Prison Interprets the Dreams of the Butl…
- Joseph Sold by his Brothers
- forest road
- Knights castle in the moonlight
- The river Spree in Stralau
- Two Men by the Sea
- View from the Mountain over an Italian Town
- Frederick William III, King of Prussia
- Ships in the Harbor of Greifswald
- Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon
- Chess Game
- Return from the Hunt
- Ride to the hunting
- Gate in the Rocks
- Religion
Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller - Portrait of the Moth…
- Tivoli
- Courtyard with a fountain
- Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well
- Seated Nude
- Bathsheba at her Bath
- Annunciation
- Currants
- Strawberries
- Portrait of Clara Bianca von Quandt
- Marauding Cossacks
John Constable - The Grove, or the Admiral’s Hous…
- The Rugard on Rugen
- Luther room in Wittenberg. Luther and Melanchthon …
- The Composer Carl Maria von Weber
- Christ and the Samaritan Woman at the Well
- Neapolitanische Carrete mit Monch
- Gulf of Naples with fruit handler
- Cows on pasture with shepherd boy
- Tyrolean Landscape with Cattle and Shepherd
Caspar David Friedrich - Woman at a Window
- Sleeping robber
Caspar David Friedrich - Solitary Tree
Caspar David Friedrich - Moonrise over the Sea
- The night with their children
- Portrait of a Man
- Portrait of the art historian Karl Friedrich von R…
- Forest in Moonlight, in the foreground are people …
Carl Blechen - In Villa d’Este park
- Self-portrait
- Idealized Greek Landscape with resting Shepherds
- Tyrolean lumberjacks
- Ammersee
- Friedrich August Wolf
- Gothic Catherdral on the Water
- Bertel Thorvaldsen with Laurel Branch
- Ruins of the Eldena Monastery near Greifswald
Franz Kruger - Parade on the Opernplatz in Berlin
- Old woman having coffee
- Old man with coal pot
- Pasture
- Evening Landscape
- Tavern in Tirol
- Ruins of a Gothic Church on the Shore
- Cart with children
- German Teutonic Knights as a nurse in Jerusalem
- Old German Street
- Karl Friedrich Schinkel in Naples
- Portrait of an old woman
- Procession in the monastery church to Kaisheim on …
- Fish market in Antwerp
- Der Watzmann
- Sutlers scene
- Entrance of Grand Master Siegfried von Feuchtwange…
- St. Leonards Festival in Fischhausen on Schliersee…
- Mountain canyon in winter
- Cows on pasture
- The Battle of Abensberg on April 20, 1809
- Father Medardus
- Harvest Festival Parade
- Moses at the Well
- Boas und Ruth
- Hut in the Snow
- Geography lesson
- Erfurt Cathedral
- The toilet of a lady
- Flower still life with fruit basket
- Enthroned Madonna
- Castle Hohenstein in Saxon Switzerland
Ernst Ferdinand Oehme - Burg Scharfenberg at Nigh…
- In the Cathedral of Milan
- Ruins of a tower with dragon
- Pifferaro with flute
- Pifferaro with flute
- Pifferaro with bagpipes in hat
- Pifferaro with bagpipes in brown coat
- Vienna home garden
- Knights Castle on a Rock
- ?????????? ???????
- Invasion of Austrian Uhlans
- The Music Lesson
- Arco di Miseno at Miliscola
- The Rood Screen in the Halberstadt Cathedral
- Pomeranian coast
- Wilhelmine Begas, the Artists Wife
- Three fishermen on the Gulf of Naples
Carl Gustav Carus - Balcony Room with a View of t…
- The robber
- Boats and lighthouse at Genoa
- Wetterhorn
- Sun over the sea
- Pauline Charlotte Hubner
- Pauline Charlotte Hubner
Georg Friedrich Kersting - Outpost Duty
- Italian landscape
- Mountain at Laerdalen in Norway
- A Walachian Cart
- Severe Weather in the Roman Campagna
- Smugglers before the temple of Corinth
- Palikars
- Tower of the Milan cathedral
- Oak Tree in the Snow
- Self Portrait with his Family
- Ruth and Naemi
- Sanssouci Palace
- The Riesengebirge
- The Wetterhorn
- The Studio of the Gropius Brothers
- Klosterstrasse
- Tyrolean fair
- Animal Tamer Outside the Inn
- The horticulture director Peter Joseph Lenne
- Smugglers
- Family picture in the room, playing chess
- Coast of the Sea with Moonlight
- Portrait of Frau Gedecke
- The Finstermunz Pass in Tirol
- Tropical Vegetation
- Palm Trees
- Gorge near Amalfi
- The village violinist
- Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel
Eduard Gaertner - Parocialstrasse in Berlin
- Garden Bouquet
Ludwig Richter - The Well in the Wood at Ariccia
- The Lazzaroni family
- North Sea at Cuxhaven
Johann Erdmann Hummel - The Granite Dish in the B…
Carl Blechen - The Interior of the Palm House
- The Soldier and his Child
- Saint Boniface
- The invention of painting
- The vineyard of the Archpriest in Olevano
Wilhelm von Kobell - Riders at the Tegernsee
- Bay of Pozzuoli near Naples
- French fish market
- Solsvik fishing village, Norway
- Solsvik fishing village, Norway
- Fruits in a porcelain dish
- Tasting of the Rhine Wine
- Finis Poloniae
- Italian Girls on the Beach
- Johann Gottfried Schadow
- Poachers
- Portrait of a roman
- View of Florence
- Monastery burgeis in Tirol
- Forest stream
- Saint Luke painting the Madonna
- Interior of the parish church in Partenkirchen
- Still-Life
- The New Guard
- Cloister Cemetery in the Snow
- Via Appia
- Bathing children
- Cloud study
- Pifferaro and girls in Rome
- Eichwald. Two hunters on a forest path
- Sea coast with aground ship
- Cloister of the Cathedral of Halberstadt
- Don Quichote Seated in an Armchair Reading the Chi…
- Wedding Proposal on the Isle of Helgoland
- The Holy Stairs in San Benedetto Monastery in Subi…
- Mountain lake
- Park of Terni with bathing girl
- The composer Heinrich Maria Schmidt
- Portrait of the Poet Ludwig Tieck
- Wild Bull
- Caring mother
- Visited in prison
- The artists studio in Munich
- Mother and child
- Hussite Sermon
- Prince Wilhelm on Horseback Accompanied by the Art…
- Mrs. Lindner with her Son
- The guardian angels
- Slave Market
- Knight and Squire
- Return of the smugglers
August Ahlborn - Greece s Golden Age
- The Body of Saint Catherine of Alexandria Borne to…
- Womens from Albano
- The Card Players
- Waterfall at Tivoli
- Portrait of the painter Carl Vogel von Vogelstein
- Sacristan
- The Christ child sitting on clouds
- The Homecoming
- Roman woman with her child
- Pope Paul III considered Cranachs portrait of Luth…
- Girl from Frascati
- Street view with statue of St. Charles Borromeo
- Young girl garlanding a grave cross
- Dessert fruit with ivory tankard
- Service in the prison church
- Cathedral of Cefalu
- Catholic worship
- The judgment
- The Poor Poet
- All Souls Day
- The Painters Karl Friedrich Lessing, Carl Sohn and…
- Jubal, the inventor of the flute
- The Forest Chapel
Ludwig Richter - Lake in the Riesengebirge
- Healthy sleep
- At the dentist
- The refreshing drink
- Tasso before Leonore Este
- Sleeping woman
- Storm
- Franz Liszt Improvising at the Piano
- Paul, Maria and Filomena von Putzer
- Marie among the elves
- Portrait of a man in Renaissance costume
- Knightly battle
- After School
- Forge in the Forest
- View of the Harbor of Puerto Cabello
- View of the Colony of Tovar, Venezuela
- Street in La Guaira, Venezuela
- Forest in San Esteban
- Evening in the Valley of Antimano
- Coastline of La Guaira at Sunset
- Sugarcane Plantation of San Esteban near Puerto Ca…
- View of La Guaira from the Sea
- Llaneros
- Baptistery of St. Mark in Venice
- Portrait Paul Meyerheim as a child
- The sulky
- Room at Hohensalzburg
- Fjord bei Holmestrand
- Boat winch in Normandy
- Fish Market at evening
- Winter landscape
Johann Peter Hasenclever - The Reading Room
- The Wine Tasting
- Sabina von Steinbach
- Hallway of the cloister
- Bearded men head in profile
- Courtyard near house
- The Sick Child
- The poets corner in Westminster Abbey
- Portrait of Friederike Arnold
- The Love Letter
- Meditating Capuchin
- The Giaour
- Probate
- Village Violinist
- Napoleon I with his Generals
- Lighthouse on the Coast of Bretagne
- Felucca with Smugglers off the Coast of Bilbao
- Summer landscape
Adolph von Menzel - The Balcony Room
- Boy at the desk
Moritz von Schwind - The Rose, or the Artist’s Jo…
- Palace garden of Prince Albrecht
- Portrait of the Singer Jenny Lind
- Portrait of the painter Johann Wilhelm Preyer
- Overlooking the park of Prince Albrecht
Adolph von Menzel - Building Site with Willows
- Still-Life with fruits
- Shepherd at Tivoli
- The Grand Master Siegfried von Feuchtwangen
- The Grand Master Ludger von Braunschweig
- Look at Hinterhauser
- Grieving woman
- Fallow deer
Adolph von Menzel - The Berlin-Potsdam Railway
- The Artists Bedroom in Ritterstasse
- Landscape with castle ruins
- Persecution of Christians in the Roman catacombs
- Military Parade in Potsdam in 1817
- The death of Marie de Medici
- Frederick the Greats Dinner Party at Sanssouci
- Horse Study
- Portrait of Clara Schmidt von Knobelsdorff
- The Pontinian Swamps at Sunset
- Greek sea with sailing ships
- Horse Study
- Monte Pellegrini at Palermo
- The Compromise of the Dutch Aristocracy in 1566. B…
- The petition
- Panorama. Views of the Alban Hills
- Panorama. View of S. Giovanni in Laterano
- Panorama. View of St. Maria Maggiore and the Colos…
- Panorama. Look at the Baths of Caracalla
- Panorama. View of St. Peter
Adolph von Menzel - Flute Concert with Frederick …
- Moonlight over Friedrichsgracht in the old Berlin
- Karl Begas the Younger as a child
- Game trade
- Playing dogs
Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller - Prater Landscape
- Alban Hills
- Ferdinand Freiligrath
- Defence of a Pass
- The cheater
- Study of clouds
- Dispute after the meal
- Haircut old man
- The Jewish Cemetery in Prague
- Church Interior
- The plundering of Magdeburg
- Semiramis
- Penitent Mary Magdalene
- Fountain in Tirol
Adolph von Menzel - Studio Wall
- Vegetable market in the evening
- Unter den Linden
- Flight of Bianca Capello from Venice
- Chapel in the Roman Mountains
- Bad neighbors
- Lake Lucerne
- Frederick the Great on trips
- Landscape near Barbizon
- Mademoiselle Poinsot
- Tyrolean village smithy
- Conversation at the fountain
- Watchmaker
- Mountain canyon in Handegg valley in the canton of…
- A lullaby
- Waterfall in the Andes of Venezuela
- Policeman and lady in the Tuileries Gardens
- The Allegiance of the Silesian Diet before Frederi…
- Sleeping Man
- Heroic landscape
- Gustav Friedrich Waagen
Eduard Gaertner - View of the Rear Facades of the…
- Beach in the evening light
- Centaur and Nymph
- The Allegiance of the Silesian Diet before Frederi…
- Esther before Ahasuerus
- Frederick II after the Success of the Battle near …
Adolph von Menzel - The Théâtre du Gymnasein Pari…
- Meditating Benedictine monk
- Mess at Santa Maria in Aracoeli in Rome
- Portrait of the banker Joachim Heinrich Wilhelm Wa…
- The departure to the pasture
- Encounter Frederick II with Emperor Joseph II in N…
- Ride of the artist
- Women Bathing by the sea at Dieppe
- Arrest message
- Byzantine Church
- Self-Portrait
- Interior of Westminster Abbey
- Speech of Frederick II to his generals before the …
- Wine bar Lutter and Wegner
- Italian landscape
- The First Step
- Students torchlight on the Askanischen Platz
- Baron Uz of Schonberg
- Return from the Fair
- Speech of Frederick II to his generals before the …
- The last banquet of Wallensteins officers
- Students torchlight
Moritz von Schwind - Farewell at Dawn
- Hagen Sinks the Nibelungen Treasure into the River…
- The Blue Grotto of Capri
- Friedrich Schiller
- Blucher crossing of the Rhine at Kaub on January 1…
- Campagna landscape
- Resting cuirassiers
- View of Potsdam
- The painter Heinrich Heger
- Circus performance
- Nanna Risi
- The Coronation of William I at Konigsberg in 1861
- Mirjam
Charles Francois Daubigny - Spring Landscape
- The bee friend
- The artist and his wife
- Ara and Cacatoo
- Bruderstrasse, In the background is St. Peters Chu…
- Portrait of sister Agathe
- The artillery captain Johann Baptist Bauer
- View of the ruined monastery Lehnin
Ferdinand von Rayski - Portrait of Christine Frei…
- Handstudie I
- Hand with a Book
- Early Spring in the Vienna Woods
- Friedrich Ruckert
- Departure from Cairo
- Berlin Interior
- Oriental woman with her daughter
- Portrait of the lawyer Ernst Lau
- Mrs. Agnes Jordan
- Portrait of the Painter Franz Pforr
- Jakob Fugger burns the notes of Charles V
- In the port of Ostend
Gustave Courbet - The Weir at the Mill
Claude Monet - St. Germain l’Auxerrois
- Chinese Women with Pheasants
- Last Mill on Montmartre
- Portrait of the Historian Leopold von Ranke
- Chasing Fortune
- Antibes
- Spring in Oberweimar
- The Bauakademie, in the background are the towers …
Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Summer
- Thunderstorm countryside
- Philip and the eunuch
- Farm by the stream in Etzenhausen
- Antiques dealer in Amsterdam
- Port of Ostend
Gustave Courbet - The Wave
- In Halberstadt Cathedral
- View of Jerusalem
- Louveciennes with Mont Valerien in the background
- The painter Fritz Paulsen
- The Rhein at Laufenburg
- Battle for Metz
- Lecture from Goethe
- Pilgrims to the chapel
Max Liebermann - Women Plucking Geese
Anselm Feuerbach - The Symposium
- Castle in the Eifel
- Meeting of the Crown Prince Frederick with Napoleo…
- Departure of King Wilhelm I for the Front on July …
- Pots, bottle, cup, and fruit
Adolph von Menzel - The Iron Rolling Mill
Arnold Bocklin - Self-Portrait with Death Playing…
Hans Thoma - Summer
- Flower bouquet
- Mayor Wilhelm Hoffmeister
- Man digging
- Old woman
- Venetian Carnival
- Woman on the stairs
- Orange pickers
- Venus and Tannhauser
- Cardboard to victory monument
- Cardboard to victory monument
- Cardboard to victory monument
- Cardboard to victory monument
- Cardboard to victory monument
- Ruggiero and Angelica
- Houses in Argenteuil
Anselm Feuerbach - Self-Portrait
- The Rhine at Sackingen
- Gypsy camp
- Sirens
Claude Monet - Summer
- Bismarck and Napoleon III after the Battle of Sed…
- Portrait of Carl Friedrich Felix and Carola von Be…
- Monastery on the Herreninsel
- Young Germany in school
- View of the Bay of Naples with people on the beach
- Eifel Landscape during a Thunderstorm
- Farmhouse
- Portrait of a Lady
- Portrait of the painter Karl Hagemeister
- Farmboy
- Market place of Amalfi
- Entry of Frederick William, Crown Prince of Prussi…
- Return of Tyrolean militia in the war of 1809
- Lamentation
- The foot of the artist
- Interior of a Farmhouse
- Spring Flowers
Max Liebermann - Orphan Girls in Amsterdam
- Still life with apples
- Four ages of men
- Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant
- Frau Elise Greinwald
- Henriette Feuerbach
Edouard Manet - In the Conservatory
- Frau Hedwig Woworsky
Max Klinger - The Walker
- Houses in Ferch
Adolph von Menzel - The Supper at the Ball
- The Honeymoon
- Cloud of Angels
- Two male nudes
- Sea surf
- Lighthouse on a Cliff by Moonlight
- Dachauerin
- St. George
Carl Spitzweg - Flying Kites
- Portrait of the Painter Ludwig Richter
- Frau Cella Thoma
- Tasso and Eleonora
- The summer
- Vetheuil on the Seine
- The dragon dead
- Cobblers Workshop
- Portrait of the Physicist Hermann von Helmholtz
- Portrait of the Historian Theodor Mommsen
Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Chestnut Tree in Bloom
- The Poachers, fragment
- Flow and level in the evening
- The lilac bouquet
- Flowers on the fireplace
Edouard Manet - The House at Rueil
- The Tyrolean Salon
- The Artists Wife
- Still Life
- Hurdy-Gurdy Man in Zandvoort
- After the Rain
Arnold Bocklin - The Isle of the Dead
- Venus in the shell chariot
- Conrad Fiedler
- Otto von Bismarck
Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Children’s Afternoon at W…
- Castle Kleinoels
- In the studio
- Entering of the knights in the Marienburg
- Plowed field in early spring
- Conversation
- Playing the violin hermit
- Self-portrait with wine glass
- Portrait of Johann Gustav Droysen
Fritz von Uhde - The Mealtime Prayer
- Berlin Interior
- Gustav Freytag
- Portrait of the physicist Franz Neumann
- Konsultation
- Queen Luise with her sons in the park by Luis choi…
- Le Moulin de la Galette
Max Liebermann - The Flax Barn at Laren
- Meat hall in Middelburg
Paul Cezanne - Still Life with Flowers and Fruit
- Self-portrait
- Friedrich Wilhelm III in conversation with Stone a…
- Kaiser Wilhelm the Victorious
- Lead mine in Selbeck near Kettwig
- Persian carpet dealers on the street
- Autumn Garden
- Path in Chantilly
- Joan of Arc, Relief Portrait with Flowers
- St. Georg
- Little Heathland Princess
- Landscape
- Hospice in Leyden
- The unveiling of the monument of Queen Louise in t…
- Guard before the Garden of Love
- Friedrich von Stradonitz
- The harvest
- The baptism of a son of the Great Elector on the S…
- Tahitian Fisherwomen
- Freedom
- Before Sunset
- Friedrich Nietzsche
ChChristian Rohlfs - The Road to Gelmeroda
- The Man and The Woman
Anton von Werner - In the Troops’ Quarters outsid…
- Valley of Secrets
- Crown Prince Frederick at a Court Ball 1878
- Return Home
Walter Leistikow - Lake Grunewald
- Adolph Menzel
- Frau Voll with her daughter
- Reading monk
- Forest landscape
- Sadness
- Mr Koch
- Old men house in Lubeck
- All Souls Day
- Street in Naples
- Portrait of a little girl
- View of Paris
- Humboldthafen and Lehrter Bahnhof in Berlin
- Evening in the Village
- Southern rock coast
- Houses at Montmartre
- Portrait Hermann Levi
- Woman Writing at a Desk
- On the Beach
- Art critic Hans Rosenhagen
- Visit at the Iron-rolling Mill
- Girls Ironing
- The painter Leistikow
- Hilly Landscape in Late Autumn
- In the morning
- Maja
- Monika, daughter of the artist
Lovis Corinth - The Family of the Painter Fritz Ru…
- Country house in Hilversum
- Girl with Garland of Flowers
- Young girl with doll
- Ida Gorz on horseback
- Lotte Roll
- The Siegfried fountain in the Odenwald
- The Infantry General Konstantin von Alvensleben
- Francisco Andrade
- Still Life with Apples
- Arrival of the steamer
- Wilhelm Bode
- The wife of the artist
- Reading Arab
- Self-portrait
- Entrance to the farm
- Cherry harvest
- Sunny Parlor
- Sailing boats on the Alster Lake in the evening
- Self Portrait in the Studio
- Harry Count Kessler
- Dunes of Noordwijk
- Country house in Travemunde
- The silver wedding anniversary of the imperial fam…
- Melancholy
- Kneeling Mother Nursing her Child
- Portrait of Countess Finkh
- Harness racing
- Portrait of Emil Rathenau
- At the Holstentor
- Interior
- Interior of castle Paretz
- Privy Councillor von Lucanus
- Requiem Mass of Saint George
- Seated Nude with Raised Arms
- Two bathing women
- The port of Hamburg
- Donna Gravida
- The Judgment of Paris
- Two girls
- Portrait of Franz Marc
- Perseus and Andromeda
- Spring landscape
- Landscape with views of the valley
- Mothers love
- Portrait of Bruno Cassirer
- In Cafe. Woman in red
- Weeping Magdalen
- Landscape on the Teltow Canal
Curt Herrmann - Schloß Belvedere bei Weimar
- The Artists Wife
Lovis Corinth - The Blinded Samson
Max Slevogt - The Singer Francisco d’Andrade as D…
- The Orator
- Symphony of a Thousand
- Ernst Edler von Schuch conducts Der Rosenkavalier …
- Woman in a hat with roses
- Two Bathers
- Womans head
- Stroll amongst Flowers
- Garden in Neu-Kladow
- The poet Caesar Flaischlen at the desk
- Astral composition
- Dents-du-Midi
- Tower of the Blue Horse
- Three Horses II
- In the monastery garden of Stift Neuburg
- Portrait of Erna Schilling
- Bathers at the Beach
- Delphinium
- House among trees
- Cesare Borgia
- Self Portrait with Girl
- Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne
- Girl at Strand
- Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
- Comrades
- At the source
- The Belle-Alliance-Platz in Berlin
- Still life
- Old man in knights armour
- Head of Marthe
- Boggy pasture
- Dutch mill
- The Garden Bench
- Coffee House Terrace at Nikolskoe, Berlin
- Portrat Georg Hermann
- Couple sitting
- City crowned by the temple
- The blue house
- Albert Einstein
- Portrait of Max Halbe
- Frauenkirch in the winter
- Portrait Richard Strauss
- Castle with Setting Sun. Munich
- Iron grinding
- The cacti lady
- Armour Parts in the Studio
- Self-portrait in front of the easel
- Ouverture
- Klabund
- Inside the Forest
- Still Life with Chinese Porcelain
- Awakening Woman
- Black Magician
- Rosa Schapire
- Street in Ceret
- Traum-Stadt
- Still-Life with Lemons
- Walchensee with Larch Tree
- Summer day
- Lilac Bouquet
- Corner of the Studio
- Sluices
- Pfalz landscape with vineyards
- Park in the Pfalz
- Schloss Freiheit in Berlin, seen from the Darmstad…
- Birth of a New Man
- In the old part of town, number 33
- Architecture of the Plane
- Northern City
- Architecture
- Bernhard Dernburg
- The Trojan Horse
- Abstract color harmony
- A pair of gods
- Quivering Chapel
- Mrs. R on her Travels to the South
- Italian Landscape
- Morning sun
- Self Portrait
- Nude woman
- Gingerbreads
- Old cemetery
- Gruner Canal
- Nollendorfplatz at night
- Karelia and Murmansk
- Paul von Hindenburg
- House in Wannsee
- Still Life I
- Portrait of Hermann Sudermann
- Baku
- Autumn landscape at Neukastel
- Olevano
- Snow mountains with skiers
- Eiffel Tower
- Necropolis
- Westerland goes swimming
- Youth in white
- Portrait of the painter Hans Christoph
- Wild Flowers and Cat
- Softened Hardness
- Classical Coast
- Bewegliches zu Starrem
- The Prussian Prime Minister Otto Braun
- Railroad Overpass
- Two Girls at the Window
- A Childrens Game
- Moscow at night
- Old village in Caucasus
- Moonlit night in the Usbek desert
- Puppet workshop
- The painter Karl Begas
- Riverside with cattle
- Self Portrait
- Portrait Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
- Portrait of Karl Friedrich Schinkel
- The Bullfight
- Still life with Ham
- Old woman with dog wagon
- View of Rome from the Southeast
- Countess Sophie de Witt
- Portrait of the landscape painter Janus Genelli
- Sappho and Cupid
- Portrait of the pianist and composer Wilhelm Taube…
- Richard Wagner
- Flowers at Gardeners Cottage
Carl Schuch - Still Life with Partridges and Chee…
- Johann Sebastian Bach
- The Artists Mother
- Eurydice
- Self Portrait
- Wilhelm von Kardorff
- Lake Wannsee in Berlin in Sunlight
- The artist with his family
Anonimous Author - Johann Christoph Gottsched with…
- Self-portrait with his brother Gottlieb Christian …
- Christian Gellert
- Portrait of actor Conrad Ekhof
- Portrait of the Mayor of Bautzen Gottlob August He…
- Dorothea Schlegel
- Portrait of Marianne Schadow
- Greek Mother
- Self-portrait
- Higham Village on the River Stour
- Ancient City at the Foot of a Mountain
- Return of Telemachus
- The Study of the Theologian Franz Volkmar Reinhard
- Blick auf den Mont Blan
- Portrait of David Friedlander
- Prince August of Prussia in Uniform
- Portrait of the captain Stierle
- Mill by the River Stour
- Portrait of Karl Friedrich Schinkel
- Tomb
- Ruins of Oybin Monastery
- Saxon landscape, sun near Pirna
- Tobias and the Angel
- Morning Fog
Johan Christian Clausen Dahl - Stormclouds over t…
- Rocky Landscape with a Monk
- Sleeping Faun in the reeds
- Mediterranean fortress
- View a Castle Kopenick
- Panoramic landscape
- Waterfall at Tivoli
- Portrait of the painter Johann Christian Reinhart
- Wine Festival in the Roman Campagna
- Village Street
Carl Blechen - The Neustadt-Eberswalde Rolling Mi…
- Fishermen on Capri
Carl Blechen - Forest path near Spandau
- Portrait of the young Adolph Menzel
- Bouquet with silver jug and antique vase
- Zons am Rhein in evening lighting
- Harnessed horse
- Siegfried Takes Leave of Kriemhild
- Lina Fuhr-Waldau
- Evening party
Carl Rottmann - The Battlefield at Marathon
- Mountain landscape
- Street in Venice
- Venice
- Bathing Women
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - River Landscape - T…
- Lumberjacks
- Seni by the Corpse of Wallenstein
- Fancier of cacti
- Patriotism in 1813, Ferdinande Schmettau sacrifice…
- Source of the Lison
- Square in La Roche-Guyon
- Portrait of Heinrich Schliemann
Honore Daumier - Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
- Inside the Forest
- Portrait of Richard Wagner
- Salome with the Head of John the Baptist
- Death of Sappho
Hans von Marees - Self-Portrait with Yellow Hat
- The Unruly
- Two young shoemaker
Louis Eysen - The Artist’s Mother
Paul Cezanne - Mill at Pontoise
- Cows on pasture
- Narcissus
- Portrait of Madame Cezanne
- Girl with Doll
- Pigsties
- Seamstress at the window
- Hommage a Goya
- Holy woman in a boat
- Landscape in Weyersberg
- Landscape in Valais
- Willows by the stream
- Girl between the Birch Trees
- Illuminated Flower
- Seen Elbe and Augustus Bridge in winter by the Br
- Girl with Garland of Flowers in her Hair
- The Blue Room
- Youth from admired woman II
- Schloss Hemsbach
- Forest with sand pit
- Grunewald
- Last leaves
- Beauty and the Beast
- The Chariot of Apollo
- Still life with flowers and fruits
- The beer garden
- Young girl in front of men heads
- The sin
- Tilla Durieux as Circe
- Two female nudes in landscape
- Procession in Ascona
- Bathers in the reed ditch
- Forest landscape
- Potsdamer Platz
- Recreation Park in Moscow

Старая национальная галерея – это уникальное собрание коллекций различных произведений, которые принадлежат эпохе романтизма, импрессионизма, классицизма, раннего модернизма.

Эта галерея расположена в Берлине, на острове Музеев, где находится целое созвездие самых известных берлинских музеев. Идея создания подобного шедевра зародилась еще в 1815 году, но реализовать ее удалось лишь в 1841 году.

Грандиозное событие, посвященное открытию Старой национальной галереи, состоялось в 1861 году. Именно в этот период Иоганн Генрих Вагнер преподнёс галерее щедрый презент: около 262 картин немецких и зарубежных художников. Многие до сих пор убеждены, что благодаря подарку Вагнера галерея получила право на своё полноценное существование.

Руководителем галереи был Людвиг Джусти. Он занял этот пост в 1933 году (после прихода к власти Адольфа Гитлера), а в 1937 году на смену Джусти пришел Пол Ортвин Рейв.

Во время Второй мировой войны здание галереи сильно пострадало, но уже в 1949 году музей опять принимал посетителей, хотя реконструкция ещё продолжалась (до 1969 г). Полностью отреставрировать музей удалось лишь в период с 1998 по 2001 гг. После этой реставрации в музее появились дополнительные залы, где сейчас размещены экспонаты эпохи романтизма.

Современное сооружение Старой национальной галереи напоминает римский храм. Проектировал это здание Фридрих Август Штюлер в 1865 году. Архитектор пытался гармонично соединить в своём творении два стиля: ранний неоренессанс и поздний классицизм. Следует отметить, что Фридриху Августу так и не удалось реализовать свою задумку, поскольку он умер (не успев завершить свой проект), а воплощением идеи занялся Карл Бюсси (под чутким руководством Генриха Штрака, который отвечал за все этапы строительства галереи).

Многие считают современное здание достаточно надежным и устойчивым к пожарам, поскольку оно полностью построено из металла и кирпича (только лестница и экстерьер выполнены из песчаника).

Архитекторам удалось сохранить первоначальный интерьер здания, а вот экстерьер неоднократно обновлялся – специалисты пытались создать для галереи образ, который смог бы гармонировать с другими зданиями.

На данный момент главная цель музея – собрать (по возможности) самую полную коллекцию произведений прусского искусства.

Type painter surname:

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