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200 Russian painters

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BRYULLOV Karl - Italian noon
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Twilight
DUBOVSKAYA Nick - Frosty Morning
Kustodiyev Boris - Russian Venera
Trutovsky Constantine - The scene at the well
Shishkin Ivan - Coniferous Forest. Sunny Day
Michael Avila - Duel in the Kulikovo
Ivan Aivazovsky - Battle in the Chios Channel June…
Ivan Aivazovsky - Fight steamer Vesta, with the Tu…
Aivazovsky, Ivan - View of the Grand Cascade at Pe…
Ivan Aivazovsky - Brig Mercury Attacked by Two Tur…
Aivazovsky, Ivan - Brig Mercury meets russian squa…
Aivazovsky, Ivan - View of Tiflis. 1868
Aivazovsky, Ivan - View of Tiflis. 1869
Ivan Aivazovsky - The Ninth Wave
Ivan Aivazovsky - Marines NNRaevsky have Subashi
Ivan Aivazovsky - The seizure of ship Russia of th…
Ivan Aivazovsky - Kerch
Ivan Aivazovsky - Sea battle at Vyborg, June 29, 1…
Ivan Aivazovsky - Sea battle at Navarino on Octobe…
Ivan Aivazovsky - The train in the steppe
Ivan Aivazovsky - Ocean
Ivan Aivazovsky - The arrival of Peter I on the Ne…
Ivan Aivazovsky - Farewell
Ivan Aivazovsky - Rainbow
Ivan Aivazovsky - Russian squadron at the Sevastop…
Ivan Aivazovsky - Sinop fight
Ivan Aivazovsky - Sinop fight on Nov. 18, 1853
Ivan Aivazovsky - Review of the Black Sea Fleet in…
Ivan Aivazovsky - Among the Waves
Ivan Aivazovsky - Walking on Water
Ivan Aivazovsky - The Black Sea Fleet in Feodosiya
Ivan Aivazovsky - The Battle of 25-26 June 1770
Ivan Aivazovsky - Chumaky on vacation
Fedor Alekseev - Red Square in Moscow
Fedor Alekseev - Cathedral Square in the Moscow Kr…
ANOKHIN Nicholas - In an old house Rakitin
ANOKHIN Nick - Rustic shelves
ANOKHIN Nicholas - May
ANOKHIN Nick - Still life with blue ribbon
ANOKHIN Nikolai - Russian Winter
ANOKHIN Nicholas - Old oaks
ANOKHIN Nick - Leaving Russia
ANOKHIN Nick - February crust
ANOKHIN Nicholas - Flowers on the piano
ANTROPOV Alexei - Portrait of Catherine II
ANTROPOV Alexei - Portrait of Peter I
ANTROPOV Alexei - Portrait of Peter III
ANTROPOV Alexei - Portrait of a Mistress Mary Andr…
Argun Ivan - Portrait of Grand Duchess Catherine A…
Argun Ivan - Portrait of Catherine II
Argun Ivan - Portrait of Empress Elizaveta Petrovn…
Antropov Alexey - Portrait of Empress Catherine II
Argun Ivan - Portrait of Princess Ekaterina Alexan…
Argun Ivan - Portrait of an unknown peasant woman …
Argun Nikolai - Portrait of Countess Sheremetevs
Argun Nikolai - Portrait of Ivan Yakimov dressed a…
Argun Nikolai - Portrait of Emperor Paul I
ARKHIPOV Abram - Ice passed
ARKHIPOV Abram - The river Oka
ARKHIPOV Abram - Radonitsa
Bazhanov Peter - Admiral Fyodor Ushakov
Basin Peter - Susanna, caught the elders in the po…
Basin Peter - Faun Marsyas teaches young Olympia p…
Beggrov Alexander - Petersburg Exchange
Beggrov Alexander - Neva Embankment
Beggrov Alexander - St. Petersburg. View of the Ne…
BELYUKIN Dmitry - White Russia. Outcome
Richard Bergholz - Spring landscape
Bergholz, Richard - Laguna in Murano
Richard Bergholz - Autumn
Richard Bergholz - Thaw in Gatchina
Blink Alexander - Battle of the island Tendra 28-2…
RICH Nick - Pasechnik
BOGDANOV Ivan - For the calculation
Bogdanov-Belsky Nikolai - The Church
Bogdanov-Belsky Nikolai - Virtuoso
Bogdanov-Belsky Nikolai - Sunday reading in rural …
Bogdanov-Belsky Nikolai - At work
Bogdanov-Belsky Nikolai - New Tale
Bogdanov-Belsky Nikolai - Crossing
Bogdanov-Belsky Nikolai - Oral expense. In the fol…
Bogdanov-Belsky Nikolai - Schoolgirls
Bogolyubov Alexey - View of the Smolny Convent fro…
Bogolyubov Alexey - Kind of Smolny Convent from th…
Bogolyubov Alexey - Winter in Borisoglebsk
Bogolyubov Alexey - Ipatyevsky monastery near Kost…
Bogolyubov Alexey - Horseback Neve
Bogolyubov Alexey - Procession in Yaroslavl
Bogolyubov Alexey - Battle of Gangut July 27, 1714
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Catherine II on the walk i…
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Winter in the form of old
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Alexander I
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Grand Duchess …
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Major-General …
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Count Grigory …
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Countess Anna …
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Darya Alekseev…
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of EV Rodzianko
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Elena Alexandr…
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Empress Maria …
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Princess Marga…
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Princess Anne …
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Maria Ivanovna…
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Paul I in the …
Boatman Egor - Emperor Alexander II
Boatman Egor - Portrait of Alexander II
Boatman Egor - Portrait of Emperor Nicholas I. 184…
Boatman Egor - Portrait of Emperor Nicholas I
Bronnikov Fedor - The Baptism of Prince Vladimir
Bronnikov Fedor - Consecration herm
BRYULLOV Karl - Bakhchisarayskiy Fountain
BRYULLOV Karl - Bathsheba
BRYULLOV Carl - Riders
BRYULLOV Karl - horsewoman. 1832
BRYULLOV Carl - Girl, gather the grapes in the vic…
BRYULLOV Carl - The Siege of Pskov, the Polish Kin…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of an archaeologist Maked…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of Grand Duchess Elena Pa…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of General-adjutant Count…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of Count Alexei Alekseevi…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of Countess Olga Ivanovna…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of Countess Julia Samoilo…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of children with Volkonsk…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of Prince Mikhail A. Obol…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of Maria Arkadyevna Beck …
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of the writer Aleksandar …
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of the Writer Nestor Vasi…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of the poet and playwrigh…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of the Most Serene Prince…
BRYULLOV Karl - Portrait of sisters Shishmareva
BRYULLOV Karl - The Last Days of Pompeii
BRYULLOV Paul - Spring
BRYULLOV Paul - Landscape with a River
Diamonds Alexander - Taras Bulba
Diamonds Alexander - Morning in Kulikovo
Warnecke Alexander - Portrait of privy councilor p…
Warnecke Alexander - Portrait of Catherine Bori Ah…
Warnecke Alexander - Portrait of the President of …
Fedor Vasiliev - swamp in the forest. Autumn
Fedor Vasiliev - Return of the herd
Fedor Vasiliev - Volga lagoons
Fedor Vasiliev - Village
Fedor Vasiliev - Wet meadow
Fedor Vasiliev - Thaw
Fedor Vasiliev - After the Storm
Fyodor Vasiliev - After the rain. Country road
Vasilkovsky Sergey - Spring Day in Ukraine
Vasilkovsky Sergey - village street
Vasilkovsky Sergey - Zaporozhets to post
Vasilkovsky Sergey - Cossack yard
Vasilkovsky Sergey - Okolitsa
Vasilkovsky Sergey - Poltava
Vasilkovsky Sergey - Ukrainian landscape
Vasnetsov Apollinary - The Moscow Kremlin
Vasnetsov Apollinaris - Saints stone bridge. Mosco…
Vasnetsov Apollinary - The yard of the local princ…
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Cama
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Book shop on the bridge Spa…
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Red Square
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Moscow. Late XVII century
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Moscow Kremlin under Dmitry…
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Novgorod bargaining
Vasnetsov Apollinary - defense of the city
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Lake
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Founding of Moscow
Vasnetsov Apollinaris - Area of Ivan the Great in …
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Rise of the Kremlin. Saints…
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Northern Territory
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Skeet
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Old Moscow. Street in China…
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Old Russian Cities
Vasnetsov Apollinary - Elegy
Viktor Vasnetsov - Alyonushka
Viktor Vasnetsov - Bayan
Viktor Vasnetsov - Giants
Viktor Vasnetsov - Warriors of the Apocalypse
Viktor Vasnetsov - Magic Carpet
Viktor Vasnetsov - After Igors battle with Polovts…
Viktor Vasnetsov - Joy of the Lord, the righteous
Viktor Vasnetsov - Joy of the Lord the righteous
Viktor Vasnetsov - Joy of the Lord the righteous
Vasnetsov Victor - Sleeping Princess
Welz Ivan - spring in the vicinity of St. Petersbu…
Welz Ivan - Rime
Welz Ivan - Beginning of winter
Welz Ivan - Ukrainian night. Winter
Venetsianov Alex - The girl in a headscarf
Venetsianov Alexei - Harvester
Venetsianov Alexei - Nurse with child
Venetsianov Alexei - Peasant with cornflowers
Venetsianov Alexei - Country Girl with a sickle in…
Venetsianov Alexei - Portrait of MA Venetsianov. 1…
Venetsianov Alexei - Sleep swain
VENIG Carl - Last minute Dmitri the Pretender
Vereshchagin Vasily - Apotheosis of War
Vereshchagin Vasily - Moscow. 1812
Vereshchagin Vasily - On the high road. Retreat a…
Vereshchagin Vasily - surprise
Vereshchagin Vasily - The negotiators. Surrender!…
Vereshchagin Vasily - Before the attack. Plevna
Vereshchagin Vasily - Defeated. Requiem
Vereshchagin Vasily - Following an attack. Dressi…
Vereshchagin Vasily - After the failure
Vereshchagin Vasily - After the success
Vereshchagin Vasily - Mortally wounded
Vereshchagin Vasily - Triumph
Vereshchagin Vasily - In the castle wall. Let the…
Vereshchagin Vasily - Shipka Sheinovo. Skobelev u…
Vereshchagin Vasily - The Siege of the Trinity-Se…
VERESHCHAGIN Peter - Type of the Moscow Kremlin
VERESHCHAGIN Peter - Stone write on the river Chus…
VERESHCHAGIN Peter - Neva Embankment
VERESHCHAGIN Peter - The market in Nizhny Novgorod
VERESHCHAGIN Peter - Sukhumi-Kale
VESCHILOV Constantine - Return of the church
Villevalde Bogdan - Nicholas I to the Tsarevich Al…
Villevalde Bogdan - Feat cavalry regiment in the b…
Sergei Vinogradov - Lunch Workers
Vishnjakov Ivan - Portrait of Empress Elizabeth
Vladimir Ivanov - Revolutionary Watercolor
VOLKOV Yefim - Swamp autumn
VOLKOV Yefim - In the woods. In spring
VOLKOV Yefim - October
VOLKOV Yefim - Landscape with pond
VOLKOV Yefim - First Snow
VOLKOV Yefim - the monastery
VOLKOV Yefim - Ukrainian landscape with cottage
VOROBYEV Maxim - Oak, broken zipper
VOROBYEV Maxim - St. Isaacs Cathedral and the monu…
VOROBYEV Maxim - Neva Embankment near the Academy …
Vrubel Michael - Yellow Roses
Vrubel Michael - Roses and orchids
Vrubel Michael - Chrysanthemums
GALKIN Ilya - Empress Alexandra Feodorovna
GALKIN Ilya - Nicholas II
Germashev Michael - Autumn Landscape
Ginet Alexander - Finnish landscape
Ivan Glazunov - Crucify him
Ivan Glazunov - The Pinega
Ivan Glazunov - Olga
Ivan Glazunov - The first snow on the Dvina
Ivan Glazunov - Procopius Ustyug prayer assigns a …
Ivan Glazunov - The family of the artist
Ivan Glazunov - Twilight
Ilya Glazunov - Portrait of Pyotr Stolypin
Golikov Basil - Nicholas I
Golikov Basil - Portrait of Grand Duke Nicholas
GOLOVIN Alexander - willows
GOLOVIN Alexander - Neskuchny Garden
GOLOVIN Alexander - Umbriyskaya Valley
Gorbatov Constantine - Novgorod
Gorbatov Constantine - View of the old town
Gorbatov Constantine - View from the river to the …
Gorbatov Constantine - Cityscape
Gorbatov Constantine - Winter landscape with churc…
Gorbatov Constantine - sunken city
Gorbatov Constantine - Province
Gorbatov Constantine - Pskov. 1915
Gorbatov Constantine - Pskov
Gorbatov Constantine - Early Spring. City River
Gorbatov Constantine - Torzhok
Goryushkin-Sorokopudov Ivan - Market day
Goryushkin-Sorokopudov Ivan - Winter. Rostov Kreml…
Goryushkin-Sorokopudov Ivan - From the Past
Goryushkin-Sorokopudov Ivan - Skeet. 1912
Goryushkin-Sorokopudov Ivan - the sun - summer, wi…
Igor Grabar - February Azure
Gribkov Sergey - young ladies at the fountain
Gribkov Sergey - Hide and Seek
Grigory Boris - Portrait of Rachmaninov
Groot Georg - Portrait of Tsarevich Peter Fedorovi…
Georgian Peter - Home
Georgian Peter - Carnival
Gurkin Gregory - Lake Mountain Spirits
Nikolai Dmitriev-Orenburgsky - artillery battle at…
Nikolai Dmitriev-Orenburgsky - Entrance of Grand D…
Nikolai Dmitriev-Orenburgsky - General Nikolai Sko…
Nikolai Dmitriev-Orenburgsky - Capture Grivitskogo…
Nikolai Dmitriev-Orenburgsky - Crossing the Russia…
Dmitry-Orenburgsky Nick - Fire in the village
Dmitriev-Orenburgsky Nikolai - Portrait of Emperor…
Nikolai Dmitriev-Orenburgsky - The last battle at …
Nikolai Dmitriev-Orenburgsky - Delivery of the for…
Dobrovolsky, Nikolai - The ferry across the Angara…
DOW George - Portrait of Grand Duchess Alexandra F…
DUBOVSKAYA Nikolay - Evening in Ukraine
DUBOVSKAYA Nick - Lake Ladoga
DUBOVSKAYA Nick - River Forest
DUBOVSKAYA Nicholas - Sea. Sailboats
DUBOVSKAYA Nicholas - On the Volga
DUBOVSKAYA Nick - hushed
DUBOVSKAYA Nikolay - Rainbow
DUBOVSKAYA Nick - Twilight
EGORNOV Sergey - Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich
ENDOGUROV Ivan - rain
ENDOGUROV Ivan - Early Spring
ENDOGUROV Ivan - Early Spring
Zhukovsky Stanislav - Winter
ZHURAVLYOV Firs - Merchant wake
ZANKOVSKY Ilya - In the mountains. View Ararat
ZARUBIN Victor - Dance on the Dnieper
ZARUBIN Victor - Ukrainian farmstead
Ivan Alexander - Via Appia at sunset
Ivan Alexander - Bellerophon is sent to the campai…
Ivan Alexander - Joseph interpreting dreams conclu…
Ivan Alexander - Priam, Achilles sought from the b…
Ivanov Alexander - The Apparition of Christ to the…
IVANOV Anton - Crossing Gogol across the Dnieper
Ivan Michael - waiting for reply
Ivan Sergei - The border patrol Moscow
Ivan Sergei - Arrival of governor
Ivan Sergei - The arrival of foreigners. XVII cent…
Kazantsev Vladimir - at the station. Winter mornin…
Kazantsev Vladimir - the Urals
Brick Valerian - Type in the vicinity of Gatchina
Brick Leo - Spring
Brick Leo - View of the river Kazanka
Brick Leo - Winter road
Brick Leo - Moonlit Night on the River
Brick Leo - landscape
Brick Leo - Savvino Storozhevsky Monastery, near Z…
Brick Leo - Fog. Red Pond in Moscow in the autumn
Brick Leo - at the dam
Kapka Jacob - Healing Metropolitan Alexei Tayduly,…
Karazin Nicholas - Entry of Russian troops in Sama…
Karazin Nick - Crossing Turkestan detachment acros…
Karazin Nick - Khiva expedition of 1873. Go Turkes…
Carnea Akim - Christening
KIVSHENKO Alexei - Nizhegorodskiye dragoons pursui…
KIVSHENKO Alexei - Battle of Shipka-Sheinovo Decem…
KIVSHENKO Alexei - Storm Castle Ardahan May 5, 187…
Kiprensky Orestes - A young gardener. 1817
Kiprensky Orestes - Portrait of AO Smirnova
Kiprensky Orestes - Portrait Avdotya Ivanovna Molc…
Kiprensky Orestes - Portrait of Countess Ekaterina…
Kiprensky Orestes - Portrait of Catherine Semenovn…
Kiprensky Orestes - Portrait of Catherine Sergeevn…
Kiprensky Orestes - Portrait of Life Hussar Colone…
Kiprensky Orestes - Portrait of Peters reindeer. 1…
Kiprensky Orestes - Portrait of Sergei Semenovich …
Kiselyov Alexander - Type in the vicinity of Khark…
Klever Julius - Brie. 1895
Klever Julius - Village on the island Nargen
Klever Julius - Sunset in winter. 1
Klever Julius - Sunset in winter
Klever Julius - Winter. Pinery
Klever Julius - Winter
Klever Julius - Winter sunset in the fir forest
Klever Julius - Winter landscape with cottages by …
Klever Julius - Winter landscape with a hut. 1
Klever Julius - Winter landscape with a hut
Klever Julius - Winter landscape with river and ho…
Julius Klever - In the evening
Klever Julius - Autumn in the woods
Klever Julius - Thaw. 1
Klever Julius - Thaw
Klever Julius - Landscape. 1892
Klodt Mikhail - An evening view of the countrysid…
Klodt Mikhail - Volga near Simbirsk. 1881
Klodt Mikhail - Oak Wood
Klodt Mikhail - Forest horizon at noon. 1878
Klodt Mikhail - On the furrows. 1872
Klodt Mikhail - The village in the province of Or…
KOWALEWSKI Paul - Battle of the Ivanovo-Chiflik Oc…
KOWALEWSKI Paul - Crossing the Danube
KOWALEWSKI Paul - Rest 140 th Infantry Regiment Za…
KOWALEWSKI Paul - Halt cavalry
Stepan Kolesnikov - Winter. Outskirts of a village
Stepan Kolesnikov - Winter landscape
Kondratenko Gabriel - Winter. At the entrance
Kondratenko Gabriel - Summer landscape
KORZUKHIN Alex - Return of the City
KORZUKHIN Alex - Sunday
KORZUKHIN Alexei - hen
KORZUKHIN Alexei - Before Confession
KORZUKHIN Alexei - Parsley is
KORZUKHIN Alexei - Separation
CORINE Alexei - Boatmen
CORINE Paul - Disappearing Russia
Konstantin Korovin - Winter
Konstantin Korovin - Northern Idyll
KOROVIN Peter - Christening
Korovin Sergey - In the world
Kotzebue Alexander - Capture of the fortress of Ko…
Kotzebue Alexander - Moving troops Suvorov Crossin…
Kotzebue Alexander - Battle of Novi
Kotzebue Alexander - Storm Fortress Noteborg Octob…
KOSHELEV Nick - Morning in the village
Kramskoy Ivan - Portrait of Alexander III
Kramskoy Ivan - Portrait of Vera Tretyakova
Kramskoy Ivan - Portrait of a publisher and writer…
Kramskoy Ivan - Portrait of Empress Maria Feodorov…
Kramskoy Ivan - Portrait of the philosopher Vladim…
Kramskoy Ivan - Portrait of Ivan Ivanovich Shishki…
Kramskoy Ivan - Portrait of Fyodor Vasilyev
Kramskoy Ivan - Portrait Samarin
Krachkovskii Joseph - Bakhcha
Krachkovskii Joseph - Ukrainian ago
Krivonogov Peter - Outright
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Marsh
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Evening in Ukraine
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Village on the banks of t…
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Road
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Zvenigorod
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Forest in winter
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Wood gave
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Lake in the mountains
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Lake
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Landscape
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Before the rain
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Before noon
Kryzhitsky Constantine - the breath of spring
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Early Snow
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Early Spring
Kryzhitsky Constantine - Bowery in Little
KRYLOV Nicephorus - Winter landscape. Russian wint…
KUZNETSOV Vladimir - Emperor Nicholas II. 1914
KUZNETSOV Nikolai - on leave
Nikolai Kuznetsov - In celebration
Kuindzhi Arkhip - Birch Grove
Kuindzhi Arkhip - Evening in Ukraine
Kuindzhi Arkhip - Lake Ladoga
Kuindzhi Arkhip - Fine arts
Kuindzhi Arkhip - Sea. Crimea
Kuindzhi Arkhip - On the island of Valaam
Kuindzhi Arkhip - Night
Kuindzhi Arkhip - Rainbow
Kuindzhi Arkhip - The effect of sunset
KULIKOV Ivan - In a farmhouse
KULIKOV Ivan - winter evening
KULIKOV Ivan - Fair
KULIKOV Ivan - Alexander III
Kustodiyev Boris - Balagan
Kustodiyev Boris - In the old Suzdal
Kustodiyev Boris - Blue House
Kustodiyev Boris - festivities on the Volga
Kustodiyev Boris - Winter. 1916
Kustodiyev Boris - Emperor Nicholas II
Kustodiyev Boris - Beauty. 1915
Kustodiyev Boris - Beauty. 1918
Kustodiyev Boris - Epiphany blessing of the waters
Kustodiyev Boris - Bathing
Kustodiyev Boris - Merchant at tea
Kustodiyev Boris - Summer landscape
Kustodiyev Boris - Skiers
Kustodiyev Boris - Pancake
Kustodiev Boris - The Volga. 1922
Kustodiyev Boris - On the terrace
Kustodiyev Boris - Portrait Kapitsa and Semenov
Kustodiyev Boris - Portrait of MA Voloshin
Kustodiyev Boris - Portrait of Chaliapin
Kustodiyev Boris - Province. 1919
Kustodiyev Boris - Fair. 1906
KYUGELGEN Gerhard von - Paul I, Maria Feodorovna, …
Nikolai Lavrov - Portrait of Emperor Alexander II.…
Lagorio Lev - Batum
Lagorio Lev - In the mountains of the Caucasus
Lagorio Lev - Kind of Town by the river
Lagorio Lev - View of Lahti in the vicinity of St.…
Lagorio Lev - View of the Neva River and the Peter…
Lagorio Lev - Vozka ice
Lagorio Lev - Cottage. 1892
Lagorio Lev - Caucasus Gorge
Lagorio Lev - Crimean landscape
Lagorio Lev - Lafotensky Island
Lagorio Lev - Moonlight on the Neva
Lagorio Lev - Rebuffed by the assault on the fortr…
Lagorio Lev - Northern landscape
Lagorio Lev - Farm Island
LADYURNER Adolf - The Armorial Hall of the Winter …
Lamps Johann - Portrait of Empress Catherine II w…
LEBEDEV Claudius - Martha Governors Wife. Destruct…
LEBEDEV Claudius - Night of Ivan Kupala-
LEBEDEV Claudius - Dance
LEBEDEV Claudius - Tsar Ivan the Terrible requests…
Isaak Levitan - Birchwood
Isaak Levitan - Evening. Golden Pool
Isaak Levitan - Evening Bell
Isaak Levitan - Golden Autumn
Isaak Levitan - Summer
Isaak Levitan - Lilies. Nenyufary
Isaak Levitan - March
Levitan Isaac - On the lake
Isaak Levitan - Above the Eternal Peace
Isaak Levitan - Lake. Rus
Isaak Levitan - Autumn Landscape
Isaak Levitan - After the rain. Reach
Isaak Levitan - Savvinskaya settlement near Zvenig…
Isaak Levitan - Fresh wind. Volga
Isaak Levitan - Sunny Day
Isaak Levitan - Quiet Monastery
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Anna Ste Protasov, t…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of the architect Alexan…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Empress ward educati…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Empress ward educati…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Empress ward educati…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Catherine II as a la…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Catherine II. Okolo1…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Catherine II
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Empress Catherine II…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Maria Alexeevna Dzya…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Maria Alexeevna Lvov…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Nikolai Alexandrovic…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Prokofy Demidov Akin…
Levitsky Dmitry - Portrait of Suvorov
Lemokh Carl - Varka
Lipgart Ernest - Emperor Nicholas II
Lipgart Ernest - Portrait of Emperor Nicholas II
Lissner Ernst - The expulsion of Poles from the Kr…
Lissner Ernst - Trinity-Sergius Lavra
Lytovchenko Alexander - Ivan the Terrible shows th…
Lytovchenko Alexander - Italian envoy Kalvuchchi s…
Nikolay Losev - Prodigal Son
Mazurovskii Victor - Attack of the Life Guards reg…
Mazurovskii Victor - Fight for the banner
Mazurovskii Victor - The thing at the village Tele…
Mazurovskii Victor - cavalry battle
MAKAROV Ivan - Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna
MAKAROV Ivan - Portrait of Countess Tolstoy MP
MAKAROV Ivan - Portrait of a Girl
MAKAROV Ivan - Portrait of Empress Maria Alexandro…
MAKOVSKY Alexander - Emperor Nicholas II
MAKOVSKY Alexander - Im tired
MAKOVSKY Alexander - Landscape with Church
MAKOVSKY Alexander - Transportation on the Volga
MAKOVSKY Alexander - Portrait of Empress Alexandra…
Makovsky Vladimir - The rural school
Makovsky Vladimir - Girl with geese
Makovsky Vladimir - Jabberwocky
Makovsky Vladimir - Prayer for Easter
Makovsky Vladimir - Rallus
Makovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Empress Maria Feod…
Makovsky Vladimir - fisher
Makovsky Vladimir - Fair in Poltava
MAKOVSKY Constantine - Bulgarian martyr
MAKOVSKY Constantine - Boyar Wedding Feast in the …
MAKOVSKY Constantine - Boyaryna the window
MAKOVSKY Constantine - young ladies at the window
MAKOVSKY Constantine - young ladies
MAKOVSKY Constantine - Appeal Minin
MAKOVSKY Constantine - A girl in a suit of Flora
MAKOVSKY Constantine - children fleeing from the s…
MAKOVSKY Constantine - reaper
MAKOVSKY Constantine - Over tea
MAKOVSKY Constantine - Peasant lunch in the field
MAKOVSKY Constantine - Moscow booths
MAKOVSKY Constantine - festivities in the Carnival…
MAKOVSKY Constantine - Under crown
MAKOVSKY Constantin - Portrait of Alexander II
MAKOVSKY Constantin - Portrait of a Governor-Gener…
MAKOVSKY Constantin - Portrait of Count Sergei Str…
MAKOVSKY Constantin - Portrait of the artist
MAKOVSKY Constantin - Portrait ZI Yusupova
MAKOVSKY Constantin - Portrait of Empress Alexandr…
MAKOVSKY Constantin - Portrait of Empress Maria Fe…
MAKOVSKY Constantin - Portrait of Maria Mikhailovn…
MAKOVSKY Constantine - Kissing ceremony
MAKOVSKY Konstantin - Russian Beauty
MAKOVSKY Constantine - the Christmas divination
MAKOVSKY Constantine - Family portrait
MAKOVSKY Constantine - At the entrance
MAKOVSKY Constantine - Charca honey
MAXIMOV Alex - The estate of Prince
MAXIMOV Alex - at the service of the Emperor
Maximov Vasiliy - All in the past
Maximov Vasiliy - Whos
Maximov Vasiliy - The Boy Mechanic
Maximov Vasiliy - After Mass
Maximov Vasiliy - Trying robe
Maximov Vasiliy - Sorcerer comes to a peasant wedd…
Manizer Henry - Emperor Nicholas II with the Order…
Mark Alexei - Fortune and the Pauper
MATVEEV Nick - against the will tonsure
MATVEEV Fedor - Kind of Rome. Colosseum
Matorin Victor - Hero of the Kulikov battle. Bobro…
Matorin Victor - Zadonshchina
Matorin Victor - Execution of Pugachev. Forgive me…
Matorin Victor - Five loaves
Matorin Victor - Holy pious Great Moscow Prince Dm…
Matorin Victor - Seven loaves
Matorin Victor - Beat ambushed Regiment
Matorin Victor - Khan khan
Menke Vladimir - Morning on the marsh
Meshchersky Arseny - Waterfall
Meshchersky Arseny - Winter. Icebreaker
Meshchersky Arseny - Winter Evening
Meshchersky Arseny - On the River
Meshchersky Arseny - Landscape with a lake
Meshchersky Arseny - At Forest Lake
Meshchersky Arseny - at the spring
Miloradovich Sergey - Do confessor
Monnier Jean Laurent - Portrait of Empress Elizabe…
Morozov Alexander - Exit from the church in Pskov
Miasoyedov Gregory - The road in the Rye
Miasoyedov Gregory - Forest Stream. Spring
Miasoyedov Gregory - Pier in Yalta
Miasoyedov Gregory - the busy time
Jean Marc Nattier - Portrait of Peter I in knightl…
Neuro Nick - guardsmen
Neuro Nick - Peter I in a foreign dress
Neuro Nick - Oath of False Dmitry I Polish King Si…
NEMENSKY Boris - scorched earth
Nesterov Mikhail - Great vows
Nesterov Mikhail - Fine arts. Version
Nesterov Mikhail - Fine arts
Nesterov Mikhail - Riders
Nesterov Mikhail - Girls on the shore
Nesterov Mikhail - Chanterelle
Nesterov Mikhail - Silence
Nesterov Mikhail - Thinker. Portrait of Ivan Aleks…
Nesterov Mikhail - In Russia. Soul People
NESTEROV Michael - the Desert Fathers and wife wit…
Nesterov Mikhail - Under Blagovest
Nesterov Mikhail - St. Sergius of Radonezh
Nesterov Mikhail - Hermit
Nesterov Mikhail - Holy Rus
Nesterov Mikhail - Solovki
Nesterov Mikhail - old man - a servant of God
Nesterov Mikhail - Philosophy
NESTEROV Michael - Christ blessing the lad Barthol…
Neff Timothy - Portrait of Alexandra Feodorovna
Neff Tim - Portrait of Grand Duchesses Maria Nikol…
NIKITIN Ivan - Peter I on the deathbed
NIKITIN Ivan - Portrait of State Chancellor Count …
NIKITIN Ivan - Portrait of floor Hetman
NIKITIN Ivan - Portrait of Peter I
NIKITIN Ivan - Portrait of Princess Praskovya Ivan…
NIKITIN Ivan - Portrait of Princess Anna Petrovna
Nilus Peter - Autumn
NOVOSKOLTSEV Alexander - Svetlana
Boris Olshansky - Ivan - widows son and other pain…
Olshansky Boris - Ros Great and other paintings
Olshansky Boris - Russian Requiem and other painti…
Olshansky Boris - a heavenly berth and other paint…
Boris Olshansky - Alyosha Popovich and Elena Krasa
Boris Olshansky - Bereginja
Boris Olshansky - Berendei
Boris Olshansky - Bylina
Boris Olshansky - Magic
Boris Olshansky - Rusal
Vladimir Orlovsky - Type in Ukraine
Vladimir Orlovsky - Dnepr
Vladimir Orlovsky - Kislovodsk
Vladimir Orlovsky - mowers
Vladimir Orlovsky - Summer Day
ORLOWSKI Vladimir - Landscape with a pond
ORLOWSKI Vladimir - Landscape
Vladimir Orlovsky - Noon
Vladimir Orlovsky - Ukrainian landscape
Ostrouhov Ilya - Golden Autumn
Ostrouhov Ilya - the first greens
Ostrouhov Ilya - River at noon
Ostrouhov Ilya - Syverco
Oksana PAVLOVA - Vzhits
Oksana PAVLOVA - Sunday
Oksana PAVLOVA - Skating rink
Oksana PAVLOVA - Sergiev Posad
Oksana PAVLOVA - Heart of Russia. 2002
Oksana PAVLOVA - Heart of Russia. 2003
Oksana PAVLOVA - Construction of the Cathedral of …
Leonid Pasternak - to native
Ivan Pelevin - Firstborn. 1888
Perov Vasily - Hunters in camp
Perov Vasily - First Christians in Kiev
Perov Vasily - Last Tavern at Town Gate
Perov Vasily - Arrival of a New Governess in a Mer…
Perov Vasily - Journey
Perov Vasily - Fowler
Perov Vasily - The debate about faith
Pimonenko Nick - Broad
Pimonenko Nick - Evening
Pimonenko Nick - Harvest in Ukraine
Pimonenko Nicholas - Easter
Pimonenko Nick - Matchmakers
Pimonenko Nicholas - the Christmas divination
Pimonenko Nick - haymaking
Pimonenko Nikolai - Ukrainian night
BEDS Arcade - Theyre coming to the elections
Pleshanov Paul - Tsar Ivan the Terrible and Fr Syl…
Polenov Vasili - Grandmas Garden
Polenov Vasily - overgrown pond
Polenov Vasily - Golden Autumn
Polenov Vasily - Dreams
Polenov Vasily - Moscow Yard
Polenov Vasily - At Lake Tiberias
Polenov Vasily - Early Snow
Polenov Vasily - Old Mill
Polenov Vasily - Christ and the Sinner
Andrey Popov - Balagan in Tula
Pavel Popov - Adam and Eve. Fall of man
Pavel Popov - Adam and Eve. Paradise Lost
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POPOV Paul - The Last Supper
Portraits of Stalin - Abel Levitan
Portraits of Stalin - Alexander Gerasimov. 1
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Ilya Repin - October 18, 1905
Ilya Repin - Volga Boatmen
Ilya Repin - Zaporizzya.
Ilya Repin - Wedding of Nicholas II and Grand Duch…
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Ilya Repin - Leo Tolstoy barefoot
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Ilya Repin - Pavlov in the operating room
Ilya Repin - Portrait
Ilya Repin - Portrait of AK Tolstoy
Ilya Repin - Portrait of Koni
Ilya Repin - Portrait of Vladimir Stasov. 1883
Ilya Repin - Portrait VISurikov
Ilya Repin - Portrait of Ivan Sechenov
Ilya Repin - Portrait of Ivan Turgenev
Ilya Repin - Portrait of Emperor Nicholas II. 1896
Ilya Repin - Portrait of Leo Tolstoy
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Ilya Repin - Portrait of Pirogov
Ilya Repin - Portrait of Sophia
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Ilya Repin - Arrival of the kings of John and Pete…
Ilya Repin - Sadko
RZHEV Antonina - Merry minute
Rocot Fyodor - Portrait of AG Bobrinsky in childho…
Rocot Fyodor - Portrait of Alexandra Struyskoy
Rocot Fyodor - Portrait of Varvara Nikolaevna Suro…
Rocot Fyodor - Portrait of Grand Duke Paul Petrovi…
Rocot Fyodor - Portrait of Catherine II
Rocot Fyodor - Portrait of Peter III
Roslin Alexander - Portrait of Catherine II
Franz Roubaud - Ahulgo. 1888
Roubaud, Franz - Living Bridge
Franz Roubaud - Cossacks in the mountain river
Franz Roubaud - Reflection bombing of the Anglo-Fr…
Franz Roubaud - Transition prince Argutinsky throu…
Franz Roubaud - Review of troops by Alexander III
Franz Roubaud - Storm aul Gimry
Rylov Arcade - The Blue Space
Rylov Arcade - In the woods
Rylov Arcade - Sunset
Ryabushkin Andrew - Return to the fair
Ryabushkin Andrew - Theyre coming!
Ryabushkin Andrew - Russian women in the XVII cent…
Ryabushkin Andrew - Seat Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich t…
SAVITSKY Constantine - At War
Alexei Savrasov - Spring Day
Alexei Savrasov - Rooks Have Arrived
Alexei Savrasov - Winter. 1
Alexei Savrasov - Winter
Alexei Savrasov - Winter landscape
Alexei Savrasov - By the end of the summer on the …
Alexei Savrasov - Thaw
Alexei Savrasov - Cave Monastery near Nizhny Novgo…
Alexei Savrasov - thaw
Alexei Savrasov - Rye
Sverchkov Nicholas - Alexander III
Sverchkov Nick - Hunting for a bear
Sverchkov Nikolai - Portrait of Alexander II
Sverchkov Nicholas - Three winter
SVETOSLAVSKY Sergey - From the window of the Mosco…
SEDOV Gregory - Choosing bride Tsar Alexei Mikhail…
Semiradsky Henry - Sinner
Semiradsky Henry - Dice
Semiradsky Henry - Dangerous Lesson
Semiradsky Henry - Holidays
Semiradsky Henry - Funeral noble Virus
Semiradsky Henry - Rome. Village
Semiradsky Henry - the light of Christianity
Semiradsky Henry - Scene from Roman life
Semiradsky Henry - dance among swords
Semiradsky Henry - Sviatoslav Trizna warriors afte…
Semiradsky Henry - at the fountain
Semiradsky Henry - Phryne at the festival of Posei…
Semiradsky Henry - Christian Dirtseya the Circus o…
Semiradsky Henry - Christ and the Samaritan woman
Semiradsky Henry - Christ with Martha and Mary
SERGEEV Nick - Gradoboy
SERGEEV Nick - Summer landscape
SERGEEV Nicholas - Night in the wilderness
SERGEEV Nick - haymaking
SERGEEV Nick - Tonya on the Dnieper
SERGEEV Nick - Apple trees in bloom. In Ukraine
Valentin Serov - Girl with Peaches
Valentin Serov - Children
Valentin Serov - Confirmation of Emperor Nicholas …
Valentin Serov - Portrait of Nicholas II
SLASTION Athanasius - Farewell to flog
SOKOLOV Vladimir - Abandoned Farmstead
SOKOLOV Ivan - Near the tavern
SOKOLOV Ivan - Night of Ivan Kupala-
SOKOLOV Ivan - Collection cherry orchard landlord
SOKOLOV Ivan - Wedding
SOKOLOV Peter - Portrait of Empress Alexandra and …
SOROKA Gregory - View of the dam in the estate Spa…
SOROKA Gregory - Fishermen. Type in the Spassky
Alexei Stepanov - Children on firewood
Alexei Stepanov - Cranes fly
Alexei Stepanov - Autumn
Alexei Stepanov - Morning greetings
Alexei Stepanov - Runaround
SUDKOVSKY Rufus - At the beach
SUDKOVSKY Rufus - Clear water
Surikov Vasily - The Apostle Paul explains the Chr…
Surikov Vasily - Boyarynya Morozov
Surikov Basil - Fine arts
Surikov Vasily - Suvorov Crossing the Alps in 1799
Surikov Basil - Fine arts
Sukhodolskiy Peter - Night landscape
Sukhodolskiy Peter - Whitsunday
Sychkov Fedotov - waits
Timm, Vasily - Portrait of Emperor Nicholas I on h…
Tonci Salvator - Portrait of Emperor Paul I. 1801
Tropinin Basil - Guitarist. 1823
Tropinin Basil - Girl with a pot of roses. 1850
Tropinin Basil - A woman in the window . 1841
Tropinin Basil - Zolotoshveyka. 1826
Tropinin Vasily - Lacemaker
Tropinin Vasily - Portrait Akhmatova Tropinina, si…
Tropinin Vasily - Portrait of Arseny Vasilyevich T…
Tropinin Vasily - Portrait of Countess Natalia Ale…
Tropinin Vasily - Portrait of Konstantin Georgievi…
Tropinin Vasily - Portrait Yegorov Mosolov. 1836
Tropinin Vasily - Portrait of the sculptor Ivan Vi…
Trutovsky Constantine - Christmas Eve in Little
Trutovsky Constantine - Hayloft
Trutovsky Constantine - They put a wreath
Trutovsky Constantine - Gathering at the church
Trutovsky Constantin - Round Dance in the Kursk pr…
TYURIN Ivan - Alexander II
Fedotov Pavel - Gentle Knight. Morning clerk, rece…
Fedotov Pavel - Widow
Pavel Fedotov - Breakfast aristocrat
Fedotov Pavel - Courting Major
FELITSYN Rostislav - On the porch of the house
Philip Constantine - in besieged Sevastopol
KHARLAMOV Alex - Girlfriend
Khmelko Michael - Forever with the Russian people
Khrutsky Ivan - Still Life with Candle
KHUDYAKOV Basil - Skirmish with Finnish Smugglers
Pavel Chistyakov - Patriarch Hermogenes refuses to…
Shankov Michael - ambushed Regiment
Adolphe CHARLEMAGNE - Field Marshal Alexander Suvo…
Schilder Andrew - Birch forest
Schilder Andrew - Cottage in Finland
Schilder Andrew - The Ravine
Schilder Andrew - apiary
Schilder Andrew - Forest Stream
Schilder Andrew - Portrait of Alexander III
Shishkin Ivan - the northern wilderness ...
Shishkin Ivan - Among the open valley ...
Shishkin Ivan - Swamp. The Cranes.
Shishkin Ivan - Rain in the oak forest
Shishkin Ivan - The road in the Rye
Shishkin Ivan - Dubky
Shishkin Ivan - Oak Grove
Shishkin Ivan - For the mushroom
Shishkin Ivan - Winter
Shishkin Ivan - Kama near Yelabuga
Shishkin Ivan - Naval grove
Shishkin Ivan - Wood in the evening
Shishkin Ivan - Wood gave
Shishkin Ivan - About Cottage
Shishkin Ivan - Edge of the Forest. 1
Shishkin Ivan - Edge of the Forest
Shishkin Ivan - Apiary in the woods
Shishkin Ivan - Landscape Polesie
Shishkin Ivan - Landscape with a lake
Shishkin Ivan - First Snow
Shishkin Ivan - Noon. In the vicinity of Moscow
Shishkin Ivan - Rye
Shishkin Ivan - Stream in a birch forest
Shishkin Ivan - Forest Stream
Shishkin Ivan - pine on sand
Shishkin Ivan - the monastery
Shishkin Ivan - Morning in a Pine Forest
Shmarin Dmitry - For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland
SHTEYBEN Karl - Portrait of Alexander Suvorov
STERNBERG Basil - Fair in Ukraine
SHUHVOSTOV Stepan - Internal view of Alexis Church…
SHCHUKINA Stepan - Portrait of Alexander I
SHCHUKINA Stepan - Portrait of Emperor Paul I
SHCHUKINA Stepan - Portrait of Paul I
EGGINK Ivan - Grand Duke Vladimir selects faith
Eriksen Vigilius - Portrait of Catherine II in the…
Eriksen Vigilius - Portrait of Catherine II before…
Huon Constantine - Old Moscow
YAACOBI Valery - Ice House
YAACOBI Valery - jesters at the court of Empress A…
YAKOVLEV Vasily - Portrait of Marshal Georgy Zhuko…
Borovikovsky Vladimir - Portrait of Prince AB Kura…
Vrubel Michael - Portrait of S. Mamontov GTG
Kiprensky Orestes - Portrait of Alexander Pushkin …
Dmitry Levitsky - Portrait EN Khovanskii and E. N.…
Somov Konstantin - Lady in Blue GTG
Soroka Gregory - Office of Isles RM
Tropinin Vasily - Portrait of Alexander Pushkin
Khrutsky Ivan - Flowers and fruits GTG

Величественная и многообразная русская живопись всегда радует зрителей своим непостоянством и совершенством художественных форм. В этом особенность произведений знаменитых мастеров искусства. Они всегда удивляли своим необыкновенным подходом к работе, трепетному отношению к чувствам и ощущением каждого человека. Возможно, поэтому русские художники так часто изображали портретные композиции, на которых ярко сочетались эмоциональные образы и эпически спокойные мотивы.

Недаром Максим Горький когда-то сказал, что художник – это сердце своей страны, голос всей эпохи. Действительно, величественные и элегантные картины русских художников ярко передают вдохновение своего времени. Подобно устремлениям знаменитого автора Антона Чехова, многие стремились внести в русские картины неповторимый колорит своего народа, а также неугасимую мечту о прекрасном.

Сложно недооценить необыкновенные полотна этих мастеров величественного искусства, ведь под их кистью рождались поистине необыкновенные работы разнообразных жанров. Академическая живопись, портрет, историческая картина, пейзаж, работы романтизма, модерна или символизма – все они до сих пор несут радость и вдохновение своим зрителям. Каждый находит в них что-то более чем колоритные цвета, изящные линии и неподражаемые жанры мирового искусства. Возможно, такое обилие форм и образов, которыми удивляет русская живопись, связана с огромным потенциалом окружающего мира художников. Еще Левитан говорил, что в каждой нотке пышной природы заложена величественная и необыкновенная палитра красок. С таким началом появляется великолепное раздолье для кисти художника. Поэтому все русские картины отличаются своей изысканной суровостью и притягательной красотой, от которой так нелегко оторваться.

Русскую живопись по праву выделяют из мирового художественного искусства. Дело в том, что до семнадцатого столетия, отечественная живопись была связана исключительно с религиозной темой. Ситуация изменилась с приходом к власти царя-реформатора - Петра Первого. Благодаря его реформам, русские мастера стали заниматься и светской живописью, произошло отделение иконописи как отдельного направления.

Семнадцатое столетие – время таких художников, как Симон Ушаков и Иосиф Владимиров. Тогда, в российском художественном мире зародился и быстро стал популярным портрет. В восемнадцатом веке появляются первые художники, перешедшие от портретной живописи к пейзажной. Заметна ярко выраженная симпатия мастеров к зимним панорамам. Восемнадцатое столетие запомнилось также зарождением бытовой живописи.

В девятнадцатом веке в России популярность получили целых три течения: романтизм, реализм и классицизм. Как и прежде русские художники продолжали обращаться к портретному жанру. Именно тогда появились известные во всём мире портреты и автопортреты О. Кипренского и В. Тропинина.

Во второй половине девятнадцатого столетия, художники всё чаще и чаще изображают простой русский народ в его угнетённом состоянии. Реализм становится центральным течением живописи этого периода. Именно тогда появились художники-передвижники, изображающие только настоящую, реальную жизнь.

Ну, а двадцатое столетие – это, конечно же, авангард. Художники того времени значительно повлияли как на своих последователей в России, так и во всём мире. Их картины стали предшественниками абстракционизма.

Русская живопись – это огромный удивительный мир талантливых художников, прославивших своими творениями Россию

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Перед нами картина В. М. Васнецова «Аленушка», написанная в 1881 году, которая сейчас находится в Третьяковской галерее. Картина написана по русской народной сказке «Сестрица Аленушка и братец Иванушка». Но воодушевила художника на написание картины простая крестьянская девушка, поразившая его воображение. Ее В. М. Васнецов увидел в усадьбе Ахтырка, где рисовал пейзажи. Картина навевает грустное настроение. Очень жаль печальную Аленушку, которой сочувствует и сам автор, так ласково назвавший

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